Thursday, April 28, 2011

Updates from Muse Land

Hello Friends,
I just wanted to send a little update before I take a bit of time off.  In case you haven't heard, this year there has been a lot going on in Muse Land. Since moving into this new indoor studio, my capability to create more detailed silk paintings has been finally realized.  I've been as busy as a bee, locked away in my studio trying to get all the patterns and designs out of my head and onto my silks and have been loving every minute of it!  Part one of the good news is that I now have a fully stocked shop of wonderful scarves available with an elevated artistic quality.  You can discover my new pieces in my Etsy store.

New Spring/Summer scarves
I have even MORE good news to share which is that I'm finally happy with the available artworks built up on my new Red Bubble site, where you can purchase greeting cards and prints of my art!  Please check out my portfolio/profile here!  
Red Bubble Art Collections

Alas, as my list of custom requests and orders is growing longer and longer, I find that a little mini vacation is needed soon.  To browse the custom orders I've completed in this year alone, please visit my Flickr album.  After Mother's Day, I will be taking a few weeks off in order to rest my arm, dream up Fall inspirations, and tend to some other life areas which have been sorely overlooked for some time now.  For those who know me best, let's just say there is a certain Fruit Bear who has missed me very much :).

Fruit Bear
 As always, I would just like to say Thank You to all my friends, family and clients who continue to support my Muse Silk Paintings business.  You know how much this means to me :)