Friday, December 25, 2009

Shimmer and Shine - Friday Fashion Finds

Hope you are enjoying this wonderful Christmas Holiday with family and friends! Before it's off to my own Muse holiday events, I'd like to share with you a few outfit ideas to help you shimmer and shine your way into the New Year!

Purple Feathers and Shine!
For the boho-chic gal who wants to glam it up a bit for the big night out, throw on these amazing Levi's black sheen skinny jeans and a sparkling silver/purple toned sequin party top to start. Add some more color into the mix with this metallic, hand painted, playful silk scarf. Then play up the purples with these wild feather earrings and gorgeous, long feather necklace - they simply belong together. I just love this deep purple velveteen clutch - and the bow is detachable - just imagine the other ways you could use it - to pin the scarf, in your hair, or as a broach? What a fun! And finally, add just a glimmer more of shine with these fabulous, flirty silver heels!

Ready to Rock!
For the party girl who is ready to get on the dance floor and rock the night away! We start with this hot neon, printed strapless mini dress. With the tropical trends in full swing, this is such a great buy - to wear now, all through summer! Toss on this super cool 80's chain strap purse to carry your hot pink lipstick :). These sexy thigh high boots and absolutely jaw dropping, fantastic black sequin cowgirl jacket will really turn heads! No one will mess with you when you wear this yummy, oversized gold pyramid stud ring. As your amazing multi strand black and tan necklace and hammered earrings sway to the beat of the music, don't be surprised when you are labelled the Dancing Queen of the party!

Pretty in Pinks!
For the more conservative, vintage loving, flirty librarian type. A fitted wool, vintage Escada skirt is great for work or play, in this case play when paired up with this lovely, soft petal pink and silver sequined top. Punch up the color with this fun, hand painted silk scarf - chock full of orange/pink/purple shades of confetti shaped trees.. and add a bit more shine with this devastatingly gorgeous 30's silver and gold box purse. Adorn yourself with an amazing pink, square statement cocktail ring, and these "wear anywhere", hand carved precious earrings. Keep it cozy with charcoal grey tights and finish off this ultra feminine look with a surprise, naughty pair of vintage, bubble gum pink pumps!

As this is my last entry of 2009, I would like to give a heart felt Thank You to my family, friends, the CCCOE team, my clients and fans for your support and words of encouragement during Muse Silk Paintings' first year of blossoming. Wishing you health, wealth, inspiration, and all the very best life has to offer for the New Year to come. *Cheers!*
Happy Musings & Best Always,

Friday, December 18, 2009

Fruity Tooty - Friday Fashion Finds

Happy Holidays! Are you finished with your shopping? A better question, is your wardrobe ready for next Springs hottest trends? One of my favorites I have to say, is this fun, fresh fruity print trend.

First, I want to share this delicious, watercolor painting by Angela Fehr from northern British Columbia. The amazing details of this fruit just makes my mouth water, and it's the perfect inspiration to jump start today's fruity fashion finds!

I love the bright colors and cheeky attitude of the printed fruits trend! However it could go very wrong, very fast, so here is one suggestion how to pull it off. The best way to do this is pick one amazing fruity printed item, and then build around it with coordinating solids and accessories. Here is today's fun outfit.

The main pick is this flirty, strapless vintage fruit printed dress just bursting with colors! It's so chic, and could be dressed up or down so many ways. I love mixing silvery greys to tone it down a bit, and keep you from turning into Carmen Miranda. This gorgeous, hand carved apple necklace will simply go with everything, and this amazing nectarine ring pops up the orange from the dress. I'm just drooling over these snakeskin grey boots - how cute! (This particular listing is for men's, but it's the look, darling, the look that counts here)

If you want to wear this outfit into the evening, throw on this delicious, apple red vintage Hermes cardigan, silvery blue-grey, hand painted silk scarf, and precious black and silver clutch with a hand carved wooden handle (to DIE for). Ethnic/tribal purses and totes are a must for next season, and this one would go so perfectly with many outfits.

Viola - you've done it! Flirty, fabulous, and yes, oh so fruity!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Perfect in Paradise - Friday Fashion Finds

Who needs all this freezing rain and snow? Not me! Escape to a warm, tropical paradise or start getting your ideas flowing for Spring with elements from my latest and favorite, avian inspired trend. The hot tropical greens, whites, and pops of watermelon reds really heats things up. The holidays are in full swing, and while I really should be offering good gift ideas, I just can't help it.. (well OK if you would like, here is a lovely gift guide for your hand made shopping). However nowadays my Fridays are devoted towards these delicious little outfits that of course, look just that more elegant with a hand painted scarf thrown in :)

First, I'd like to share with you this gorgeous painting by Kathy Morton-Stanion that my heart simply flutters for. Just look at these amazing colors and the texture of the paint simply leaps off the canvas! It seems like an abstract landscape of beautiful shimmering ocean blues and lush, exotic jungles.. Incredible.

On that note, as you are packing your bags to your next tropical paradise destination, here is a yummy outfit for you to wear whether you're lounging about, enjoying shopping adventures or a romantic afternoon lunch.. this basic strategy is fail proof!

Start with this white hot, cotton sun dress which is already oh, so sweet, paired with these super cool gladiator sandals and vintage Emmanuelle sunglasses. Toss on this beautiful parrot necklace and super sexy feather earrings to add a little tropical charm.

Complete the savvy day traveler look with this recycled burlap tote (oh, I want this so badly!) that can be used later for grocery trips, or anywhere really. As the heat of the day subsides, and cooler ocean winds creep in, throw on a colorful, hand painted scarf and eighties jean jacket to keep it chic!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hip Handmaids Show

Last weekend was the Hip Handmaids show in Burbank at the Little White Church, and was my third show ever. The night before the show I was up all night, tagging, washing, ironing, taking inventory, etc.. by the time the show started, was beyond deliriously tired, but so excited!

I was happy to see there was a bulletin board on the wall I was against, and pins too - yey! So I took advantage and hung up my best pieces as wall hangings which I think looked great. I also had a nice little corner so we spread the various racks out all in a row and fiddled with it until it was "just right". There is still a long way to go, in figuring out the best display for my silk paintings. Most of all, I need a way to create a stand to hang them.

There were many hip mommas and babies there - they were so adorable, wanted to take them all home with me! :) And my momma was there too keeping her BIG baby (that would me moi) company for most of the day. I was happy to sell a few of my scarves and wrap them up for lovely holiday gifts, and just loved talking to people about the silk painting process. It was also pleasure to meet and show with a few members of the lovely CCCOE team Amanda from AmyMayDesigns, Teresa from Penrose Designs, and Lori from Lataylordesigns.

All in all, it was a great learning experience. I know there was a lot of effort put in by the organizers and the vendors so to all of you, all who came, and to you who are reading this, thank you for your energy, time, and wishing you a very happy holiday season!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Cruisin' with Corals - Friday Fashion Finds

With the craziness of life speeding all around, sometimes it's nice to take a little break, and get away. Today's post is inspired by tropical waters, beautiful coral sea gardens, and places that only serve drinks with little umbrellas in them.

First, I'd like to share with you this amazing painting from new york artist VH McKenzie. Just look at her depiction of a bar, yes a bar on stilts! The beautiful watercolor blues and striking ochres create such an amazing feast for the eyes, and not to mention the lofty little daydream it ignites of a place, somewhere, in the middle of the ocean, where your cares melt away, and all you can hear is the lapping of waves and the clinking of your glass, toasting to love and life!

and now.. what to wear on your tropical getaway? I happen to have a few ideas for you. It all starts with this flirty little romper, which alone is so cute! But with our seascapes and corals in mind, here are a handful of delicious accessories to pair with it. (click on image to view larger)

I really love the gladiator sandals look - both comfortable AND sexy. I'm obsessed with this magnificent coral cluster ring! It adds a bright pop of color and can be worn in the day time, or at night with a gown. Not to mention these lovely little coral tropical studs - MUST have them! The ivory vintage sunglasses are simply put, awesome, while keeping you cool in the tropical sun. The gold bangles are organic in feeling - love the wavering texture and simple, chic style, so luxurious, yet also something you could wear every day. My hand painted, coral garden silk scarf is a travel must! The large square can be knotted up as a necklace, worn as a mini sarong near the pool, or simply wrapped up around your yummy, white cotton bag for a splash of color while you go strolling along the local shops. Koi fish necklace is so precious and the aqua blues with gold are a perfect match. Another necklace option (possibly for an evening dinner outfit) is this gorgeous tourmaline, double stranded rosary bead necklace - so sweet and delicate! I also added in a nifty indigo quilted tote, both super stylish, and perfect for traveling - just throw it all in there and go! Last but not least, this charming little mermaid passport holder was just too great to pass up.

Mix and match these precious finds to create your fresh, cruise bound adventurer look. And remember, with Coral inspired accents like these, it will be smooth sailing, or excuse me, cruising all the way!

Friday, November 27, 2009

For the Love of Feathers - Friday Fashion Finds

It must be the changing seasons, because lately I've been so inspired by feathers! Although it has nothing to do with fashion, I did want to share this beautiful painting I discovered, appropriately named "Feathers". I love the abstract shadows and white silhouettes. It feels so sophisticated and seems it would add a softness and warmth to any wall.

So with these feathery notions in mind, we move on to today's ensemble :) I just love the romance and simplicity of this lilac vintage dress. Throw it on with some tights and these super cool, italian boots, and *poof* instant hint of funk achieved. The authentic gold feather earrings are so modern and brilliant, and would really go with anything - same goes for the hammered gold rings. Add an air of elegance with this purple and mauve silk scarf, and lovely, chocolate purse. Finish off this pretty look with this charming, "Tweet Tweet" vintage whistle necklace. Although in this outfit, you'll be inspiring whistles and admirers all over town! :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Skinny on the Sale...

If you haven't heard already, Muse Silk Paintings is have it's first sale this weekend! Here is the skinny:

starts: Friday, September 27th
ends: Monday September 30th at midnight
Amazing deal includes:
1. Free world-wide shipping
2. Free gift wrappping
3. 10% reduced store-wide prices

4. Addition 10% discount given exclusively to Facebook Fans (sign up today and check your UPDATES to learn the secret code to enter at checkout)

Click HERE to take you to Muse Silk Paintings online store, and Happy Shopping!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Keep it Kozy - Friday Fashion Finds

As Thanksgiving week approaches, I'd like to express a special "thank you" to whoever came up with this latest trend of "Sweatshirt Dressing"! What a relief - finally a way to keep it stylish AND comfy. You can still look great, and put together a flattering look to celebrate the holidays with family and friends.

I'm just in LOVE with this snuggly grey "wear with anything" sweatshirt top! Pair it with some charcoal leggings and these totally hip yellow ochre suede boots and an amazing silk scarf to add a pop of color. Just a few delicious accessories to finish the look - these chunky retro bangles, and fabulous art deco wooden earrings - just gorgeous! Who knew "sweatshirt dressing" could be so stylish (while leaving room for momma's stuffing)!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

"Boutique for a Cause" was a huge success!

Wonderful Cause
This past show was only my second ever, and I really had no idea what to expect. I participated because of an invite from a dear friend and also because I really love the idea behind it. A large portion of all the sales went to this amazing foundation, and I think we raised quite a bit! There was a lovely article written about the event which you can read about here.

Beautiful Day
It turned out to be a simply beautiful on both days of the show. The sun played peek-a-boo with the clouds and just an ever so slight drizzling near the later afternoon. After we got our large coffees, we went to work setting up shop.

Great turnouts
While the mornings were quiet, the crowds grew to a healthy number by the afternoon. It was a healthy turnout over all, and there was a great selection of products from gorgeous jewelry to feather hair pieces, home baked goodies, and of course, beautiful hand painted scarves. A perfect one-stop-shop for early holiday shoppers.
Lots of Sales
As the day went on, more and more of my scarves were leaving my table and going home with happy, fashion savvy customers. We folded the 22" square scarves on the table, and many people bought these as gifts for the ladies in their lives that love to wear little neckerchiefs.

Love of Silk Painting
My longer silk paintings were all hung on a little rolling rack, organized by color so it looked like a shiny, silky rainbow from across the room. Very pretty! It was quite enjoyable for me to explain my silk painting process to those interested (and assure them that they were not made in India).

Family Matters
As if lovely weather, great press, great sales, and celebrity sightings weren't enough to make this a successful event, there is one more thing that made my day. I could not have pulled off this show with out the help of my brother Andrew, who came though with flying colors in every area. Thank you to all my family and friends for your continued support in my amazing adventure of Muse Silk Paintings!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Twilight Style - Friday Fashion Finds

Happy Friday the 13th! I thought it was only appropriate to dedicate this post to the "Twilight" trend.. well at least just a for one posting. After all, it's a spooky day, and who hasn't melted just a little with this story of vampire romance?So I've put styled two outfits for the Isabella admirers out there, with a little Muse touch!

"Too Cool for School"

She looks so bundled, cozy and warm, yet super cool in this outfit! Why not dress it up a little with this gorgeous, electric blue ruffled blouse, and long, yummy grey fingerless gloves, perfect for riding your bike or typing up that killer paper! Toss on some amazing vintage Versace skinny jeans and fabulous suede slouch boots. Now all you need are a few accessories... Rumple up this pretty silk scarf over a gorgeous pearl plated button necklace, and add this lovely wrapped ring to finish the look. I actually own this ring, and I wear it with everything - it's just so pretty! Oh, and of course don't forget your super chic, paisley lap top bag!

"Tryst in the Woods"
OK so maybe you wouldn't go camping in this outfit, but this is such a delicious collection that is definitely woodland inspired. This feminine, golden parchment blouse goes great with these perfect CK skinny jeans and HOT leather boots. The 70's qulited coat and snuggly fingerless, dark chocolate gloves warm up the outfit while the beautiful georgette scarf and lovely, gold filled acorn necklace really dress it up. I couldn't resist this vintage plaid book bag, and the eighties glasses, well, come on, you know you want them - they are beyond cool, and every vampire loving girl should own a pair ;)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Boutique for a Cause in Sherman Oaks

I'm so excited (and nervous) to announce that Muse Silk Paintings will be showing beautiful, hand painted scarves among many other talented artisans at this show. Please come out and support this worthy cause - would love to see you there! This Thurs and Fri 11am-3pm.
Happy Musings!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Fashion Finds - Copper and Gold!

Can you believe it? The holidays are just around the corner! As you mark your calendars with all your social events and start musing over what to wear, remember this season is all about SHINE! Don't be afraid to mix coppers and golds to toss a little glimmer of fun holiday spirit!

These stone washed skinny jeans go with everything, a turtleneck, oversized sweater, or sexy tank, and just a MUST have. Toss on a gold and copper metallic, hand painted scarf with jeans, or a short grey dress for a super glamourous holiday entrance. The antiqued copper earrings are simply classic and gorgeous. They look both dressy and casual at the same time, a perfect winter accessory. The "Knot a Bow" gold ring is just darling, and don't even tell me you are not DYING over this over-the-top fabulous suede ankle boots. Put it all together in your own unique way. But whatever you do, don't leave home without your shiny piggy penny purse... in fact, you better snap it up before I do!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Fashion Finds - Screaming Hot Red!

Happy Halloween weekend! In light of this holiday, I'm dedicating this post to the Fire Engine RED HOT trend emerging for fall/winter. Remember, this Halloween, you're better off RED! Here are four smokin looks I've put together for you - enjoy!

"Sweet Swirls"
Romantic, and oh, so deliciously sweet

This is the ultimate flirting outfit. Have someone special in mind? Pair up these peek-a-boo vintage red heels from Spain with an amazing flared eighties skirt with a leather waist band for a hip, cute outfit to wear anywhere. Dress it up with these sweet, hand carved silver rosette earrings and silk satin burnout scarf to give the whole look an extra feminine touch.

"Sexy Lunch Date"
Sexy sophistication while on the clock

This body conscious gunmetal dress looks so chic with that little white blouse. Add a flame red glass ring and drop dead, gorgeous patent red pumps and you already have instant sexy style. Tie a square scarf around your neck to add just add sophistication and bring color towards your pretty red lips.

"Sssmoking hot"
Snakeskin super glam

Nothing says winter style like snakeskin.. add a little black leather, red and silver accessories, and this outfit is smokin'! The sleek, pencil skirt is just the right length. Toss on a sexy red blouse or turtle neck, these gorgeous silver earrings and red snakeskin cuff, and you really can't beat this look. As if that wasn't enough, slip on these vintage snakeskin heels for that extra touch of Va-va-Voom!

"Rocking Red"
For your ruff ridin' and rocking wild side

You may not own a Harley, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the rider trend with this super cool black eighties jacket and HOT pirate boots! Wear with leggings, skinny jeans, or a mini, and *snap* - instant hotness. Add this fun, silk flames scarf and unique beaded safety pin bracelet with attitude to complete this great look.

There are so many fun ways to rock red this season - which is your favorite?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Fashion Finds - Purple Rain

Unless you've been living underground, by now you've realized the 80's are back! Does this mean we have to cover ourselves in neon brights, leg warmers and poof our hair into a side pony tail? I think not! This season, dress up the blacks and greys in your closet with pops of delicious purple. Trench coats, boots and sparkling shine are really hot this season so check out these three amazing looks!

Material Girl
This look is for the gal who loves Designer name brands, and doesn't mind spending a few grand on some killer boots. Which, by the way, those over-the-knee Gucci boots truly are! Warm up the outfit with a bright purple trench and fun grey chiffon scarf. The black crystal earrings really add that finishing touch of glamour.

She works hard for the money... hard for it, honey! For the career girl, who wants that designer look, but doesn't need to spend an arm and a leg to do it, this is for you. Brighten up that rainy day with this raging vintage purple rain coat and chic boots. The hoops are gorgeous, and the scarf, if you open it up, is actually abstract lighting bolts - perfect accessories to finish this office and lunch date friendly, oh so chic, look!

Girls just wanna have fun
Going out on the town? Rock this look with some statement purple pirate boots, with a complimentary colorful scarf, and keep the rest of your outfit blacks and greys. This trench is amazing and those dangly suede earrings really say, "let's get this party started"!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Fashion Finds - "Ravishing Rider"

Often times when I'm reading style and fashion articles, I see outfits that are just DYEING (pun intended) for a Muse Silk Paintings scarf to be tossed in. And while each piece I paint is truly a work of art, and can be worn with style all year round, I thought it would be fun to put together some awesome outfits/looks to illustrate how these beauties can find their place within the hottest trends of the moment for my ultimate Fashionistas out there :).

So, welcome to the first posting of my "Friday Fashion Finds"!

Today's look is "Ravishing Rider". The rock and roll 80's look is in full swing, and what better way to pull off this look than with a fabulous green jacket, riding boots, and an amazing hand painted, silk scarf to tie tight and let fly wild in the wind as you ride by? It's a mix between the mid eighties fabulousness with a touch of boho chic with the gold feather earrings - a perfect blend of two important fashion trends of the moment. The fantastic greens, oranges, and browns are both "eco-friendly" feeling and simply stunning with gold accents added in.

It's such a stylish look for winter, and easy to pull off, whether or not you choose to go with the big name designer labels. This particular jacket*1 and boots*2 are picks from Vogue's Editor's MOST WANTED basics*3. It's just as easy to snag a chic, flea market vintage jacket and riding boots, and some beat up jeans to go along with the gorgeous Kaleidoscope Palette scarf*4. The super cool, gold feather earrings from Betsyandiyas*5 really complete this amazing look!

Links to Finds:
1. Acne jacket:
2. Church's boots:
3. Vogue's picks:
4. Muse scarf:
5. Betsyandiyas earrings: