Thursday, March 16, 2017

A Fresh Start

Hi Friends,

I wouldn't blame you if you don't remember me after dropping off the face of the earth for like... oh.. I don't know... five years now?  I can't even begin to tell you what has been happening in my life that has taken me away from silk painting.  My heart has been broken, my body completely changed, studio fallen apart, my work... in my other life... my professional corporate life is over.

To be clear, this is not a plea for sympathy.  In fact, I couldn't be more excited or happier about the new adventures to come.  It's finally time to follow my dream and create a new life.  With silk painting, a healthy lifestyle, and hopefully piglets.

If you're reading this, thank you for being here.  I hope you will stick around because I'm finally starting to feel the sprinklings of inspiration again.  I'm rebuilding my studio and life at the same time and so full of hope!

Cheers to old friends and a fresh start!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Musie 5,000 Give Away (over $100 value)!

Dear Friends and Musies,
I just finished painting this beautiful, sherbet colored silk scarf with golden lined lilac ribbons (the color for Cancer Awareness), and despite it's overall loveliness found a teensy little snag in it.  :(  Therefore I cannot post it to my Etsy shop.  This is bad news for me, but GOOD for you!

So... despite the wishes of certain people....  I have decided to give it away to ONE lucky Musie... For FREE!  Would you like a chance to win it?   Scroll down to find out how!


1. "like" the Muse Silk Paintings facebook fan page HERE

2. "share" on your own profile page and/or with your friends that love wearable art and fashion

 3. Leave a comment HERE on THIS BLOG in the comments section that says "SHARED" to be entered to the drawing

4. Once our fan page hits 5,000 fans (a.k.a Musies), I will be picking ONE lucky Musie at random and will send the winner this gorgeous scarf as a FREE Thank You gift!  It could be YOU!

Thank you for participating in this give-away and helping me promote Muse Silk Paintings.  With just a few clicks, this stunning, hand painted scarf could be in your hot little hands soon!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thank you for being a Musie

I have so many reasons to be thankful this year... my health is improving, ideas flowing, business growing... But most of all, I am so grateful to my friends, family, clients, and FB fans (Musies) for your continued support.  Without your encouraging comments, creative feedback and boisterous voters, where would I be?  So this song is for you (to be sung to "Thank you for being a Friend" by Andrew Gold.

Thank You For Being A Musie
Thank you for being a Musie
Every comment you make, I love more than a tootsie
Your heart is sweet and you’re marvelous

I'm not ashamed to say
I hope it always will stay this way
Throw on your scarf, and won't you take a bow

And if you shopped on Etsy
Bought a list of gifts so pretty
You would see, a most tender wrapped gift from me
and the card attached would say,
Thank you from Angel Ray

Thank you for being Musie


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Link Love! (switching from Discussion to Forum on FB)

Dear Friends,
As you may know, I love to support my fellow artists and small business owners by giving a place for you to drop all your links on my Facebook Discussion Page.  However lately, FB has removed this option.  Boo :(

Coliseum, Rome - print by bleuherron

However thanks to a handy tip from my Etisan friend,  Carrie of BagalioPaintings I've discovered the new Forum APP which can be used in the same way.

Here is the Link to click on where you can share all your business links on my Face book Business Fan page (which is now at 4,000 Musies and growing!):

Crowd - painting by SydnorWorks
If you would like to set up the Forum APP on your own page, here is the Link:

So come on over, join the Musies and keep spreading the Link Love!  Thank you for you support, and also for supporting other small business with handmade products.  :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Neutrals with Gold - Etsy Style

Happy Fall to you!  Are you looking for ways to wear your colorful scarves without looking like a clown?  You don't always have to match the same scarf color to your blouse to keep it chic.  Today I have put together some great Etsy finds to create the perfect Fall outfit.  Inspired by this styled shot from the luxury site Netaporter, with its warm neutrals, cool blacks, and splashes of gold.  

This is a great way to wear a colorful scarf against complimentary solids and never look overdone.  Here are my favorite Etsy Finds together that you can create a similar look with!

  1. Butterscotch Dream - hand painted silk scarf in yellows, golds, and browns by MuseSilkPaintings
  2. Brass Ring Band - ultra chic, modern and simple  - by OneWorldTwoHands
  3. Gladiator Cuff - 18K gold, strong, bold, and beautiful - by OSShop
  4. Vintage fawn dotted silk blouse - neutral with tiny, feminine dot print by Silviawan
  5. Vintage wool brown blazer - a great Fall piece over jeans, slacks, or a skirt by Nemres
  6. Black Wool Shorts by YYStudio - alone or paired with sweater tights, these are fantastic
  7. Leather Handbag Tote - with beautiful texture, (I'm drooling) by Dejou
  8. Black leather pumps with gold beads - how hot are these!? by MyGmasCloset
All these pieces are so fantastic on their own and super versatile.  I can see those shoes with a red dress, or the blouse over a white skirt, or jeans even.  This is just one way to wear it all.  Because there are so many other great pieces on Etsy that you can mix and match to create this look, I also created a Treasury with more items to create this similar look as well.  Click HERE to Enjoy!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

4,000 Musies!!!

Hello Friends, Family, and of course, Musies all over the world.  If you have not heard already, I just wanted to share the amazing news that because of you and your wonderful support, the Muse Silk Paintings Facebook Page has just passed 4,000 fans (a.k.a. Musies)!!!!

I am so excited that I decided to create a video to document this incredible milestone, and find out who the winners are of the Musie 4,000 Giveaway.  Thank you to everyone who shared my page, for every comment, "like", message and positive thoughts that you have thrown my way.  I cannot tell you enough what it means to me to have found my ultimate passion in silk painting, and more importantly this venue to share it with you.  A million times over, thank you so much!!!



Monday, August 1, 2011

Tribal Soul Collection - Fall/Winter 2011

This season I was inspired by not only the fire and ice themes of the Runway, but by the dream of Africa, from the icy, snow-capped summit of Kilamanjaro to the stretching plains of the Serengeti

There is something so alluring and primal about the land: watercolor skies of amber gold and fiery orange or cobalt blue, as well as the wild beauty that is the zebra just visible in the shadows, or the rustling from a stealthy leopard on the prowl  

 The amazing Maasai tribe, with their finely and exquisitely-patterned garments and hand-woven, beaded jewelry, are renowned for their artisanship and were a particular source of inspiration. I just loved the strands of bright necklaces draped over their bodies and their bold use of color—whites, blues and reds representing peace, water and bravery.

This intense energy resonated with me while creating each piece in my latest, luxury scarf collection and challenged me to do more detailed and intricate line work.  I hope this translates into a sense of beauty and strength for the women who will wear each of these new scarves. 

Now is the time to invest in a striking, decadent statement piece for Fall from Muse Silk Paintings. 

Click HERE to shop the new Collection today!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Vacation in Muse Land

Dear Friends,
As you know I've been working my tail off this year preparing my new studio, moving, and really pushing myself to reach new levels in my artistic expression this year.  And while loving every second, I've been running along at break neck speed, I have come to realize that it just isn't leaving time for the other things in my life that really need my attention.

The Secret Grotto by Foxfires

Starting June 1st, I will be de-activating Etsy shop essentially putting it on vacation, and plan to re-open in August.  My goal is to use this 2 month break to not only create a fresh new collection and finish up custom orders, but also to focus on finding more balance to my very full plate.  My Red Bubble site will still be open.  I will still be active on facebook, however just taking time away from Etsy, and spending more of it on health, home and family.  Thank you for your understanding, and if you had your eye on a certain piece in my store, I suggest you snap it up soon!

Thank you for your support,

Friday, May 13, 2011

Do's and Don’ts Part II - Advice from a 2 year old

Two year old Etsy seller that is.  It's my 2 year Etsy-versary!  Hard to believe since it's flown by so quickly.  This blog post is Chapter 2 of my first post last year and is just a tad more brutally honest.  To read Part 1 click here.   I will make an effort to do this every year in hopes you will find this interesting and can learn from my mistakes.

Treasure Trove Necklace by Sora Designs

1. Don’t tell all your secrets. I’ve learned the hard way to not share every little detail of your business, suppliers, marketing techniques, etc.. as what might seem like a good natured question one day can and will become something might come back to haunt you.  

stretched silks in my studio
2. Do share just enough/be selective.  I’ve learned that sharing bits of the creative process of my silk artworks has proven to be quite interesting to others and helps create excitement and a positive buzz about my wearable art scarves.

Grumpy, black faced sheep by Maid of Clay
3. Don’t think you can please everyone.  Some people are just unhappy, period, and nothing you can do or say will be good enough.  One time I spent so much time re-painting a piece for a customer, that I lost an entire 3 days of productivity, not to mention staying up past midnight in the freezing cold (back when my studio was outdoors) in order to make them happy.  It still didn’t work!

At Your Service by FredMorseArt
4. Do work hard and everything in your power to provide excellent customer service without totally overextending yourself.  I would have saved myself a lot of time, energy, and stress had I simply issued a refund in that case and moved on.  However there have been cases when something like an extra rush or extra touch has made all the difference (but it didn't take 3 days). 

The Trail by Painted with Light
5. Don’t blame the world when sales are dry.  It’s not the responsibility of the sun, moon, rain, and/or web site hosting your product to magically bring in traffic and sales just because you put it out there.

Traffic Jam by gckimmitt
6. Do look to yourself to drive traffic and sales to your store.  I’ve noticed a direct impact on my views and marketing efforts when I am highly involved.. with Etsy teams, forums, treasuries, Flickr, blogging, FB, twitter, tagging images correctly.  It’s hard work!  But I just see it as the more you put into something, the more you get out of it.

Kittie Beats by the Barber Shop
7. Don’t ask if you can’t handle the truth!  (lol - I just couldn’t resist the Jack reference).  But really, if you ask for any opinion or critique of your product or shop,  don’t be taken back if someone gives you negative or harsh constructive criticism. After all, you did ask!

"Who Wears it Best? FB Voter
8. Do ask questions that you actually want to hear the answers to.  I ALWAYS love hearing the feedback of the Facebook Musies for example, when pondering color choices of a silk painting and especially love to see which Muse Model will win the “Who Wears it Best” contests.  Do stay open-minded and know that any constructive criticism is usually coming from someone who is genuinely trying to help.

Sad Little One by Irobinson
 9.  Don’t give up.  When the sales are down, a situation goes sour, or you have had it up to here with rude and/or people misbehaving, don’t dwell…  Don’t sink down to the level of immature actions.  You can find negativity and drama anywhere you go, and online too if you want it.  Don’t give in!

Happy Toad by Surly
10. Do be the better person.  Do be kind.  Do focus on your own creativity and work, and improving constantly. The sales will come as your business builds and you continue to rise above and keep moving when there are obstacles in your path.  An energetic and positive spirit is contagious so spread the love!

Cherish is the Word by Pam Utton
Thanks for reading Do's and Don't from a 2 year old, and Thank You to my Friends, Family, Clients, and of course Musies for all your love and support over the past 2 years.  I could not have gotten this far without you!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Updates from Muse Land

Hello Friends,
I just wanted to send a little update before I take a bit of time off.  In case you haven't heard, this year there has been a lot going on in Muse Land. Since moving into this new indoor studio, my capability to create more detailed silk paintings has been finally realized.  I've been as busy as a bee, locked away in my studio trying to get all the patterns and designs out of my head and onto my silks and have been loving every minute of it!  Part one of the good news is that I now have a fully stocked shop of wonderful scarves available with an elevated artistic quality.  You can discover my new pieces in my Etsy store.

New Spring/Summer scarves
I have even MORE good news to share which is that I'm finally happy with the available artworks built up on my new Red Bubble site, where you can purchase greeting cards and prints of my art!  Please check out my portfolio/profile here!  
Red Bubble Art Collections

Alas, as my list of custom requests and orders is growing longer and longer, I find that a little mini vacation is needed soon.  To browse the custom orders I've completed in this year alone, please visit my Flickr album.  After Mother's Day, I will be taking a few weeks off in order to rest my arm, dream up Fall inspirations, and tend to some other life areas which have been sorely overlooked for some time now.  For those who know me best, let's just say there is a certain Fruit Bear who has missed me very much :).

Fruit Bear
 As always, I would just like to say Thank You to all my friends, family and clients who continue to support my Muse Silk Paintings business.  You know how much this means to me :)


Friday, March 25, 2011

Thinking about Momma - a few dates to remember

One of the most thoughtful and unique gifts to the art and fashion lover in your life is a hand painted silk scarf.  It even becomes more special if it has been custom made just for her.  Mother’s Day will be here before you know it (May 8th), so just sending you a friendly reminder about timing :)
"Shady Bouquet"
Although I do love creating special, custom pieces, please keep in mind that newly designed, custom scarves can be quite time intensive due to the creative process.  Here is a great example of a past custom project which illustrates the process from sketch concept to final scarf HERE. My schedule is filling up quickly right now so I just wanted to post a few dates (for U.S. residents) to remember in case you are considering placing an order and would like to have it in time for Mother’s Day.

silk scarves on frames drying in studio

1. April 3rd – Custom Request deadline (This is for a completely new design that I have never painted before)  If you would like to see some of the custom scarves I have painted, please visit my Flickr albums HERE and HERE.  To view even more photos of Sold and Custom pieces, please visit my Facebook Fan page and browse the photo albums HERE
2.  April 10th – Recreation Request deadline (This is if you want something quite similar to a piece I have already sold or maybe in a different color)  To browse sold pieces on Etsy click HERE.  
3. April 24th – Etsy order deadline – please order before this date in order to guarantee on time, U.S. domestic delivery for Mother's Day.  Shop our new Spring/Summer Collection HERE and our new Transitions Collection HERE to see my latest available pieces!

Don't be late like the White Rabbit, or you might not get your scarf in time!  Please contact Angel any time to discuss details for a custom order or timing for International orders at

"White Rabbit" (always late for a date)
 Here are a few testimonials from some of my customers who have made their Mom’s and Grandmothers so happy with a Muse scarf!

“Absolutely stunning! My grandmother LOVED her scarf for Mother's Day, MUSE!!!! She was in tears as the gorgeous scarf brought her enormous joy. You never cease to make people happy and feel special; your designs embrace pure BEAUTY~ Thank YOU so much for another wonderful shopping experience at MuseSilkPaintings. I sincerely can't (ever) get or have enough! Your talent is above and beyond and my family and I are so proud to own and wear your scarves with utmost honor.”

“I bought this beautiful scarf for my mom on her birthday, and she loved it. Service was wonderful as well. Seller was very attentive and super sweet; she wrote a card with my message and made the package look lovely. Also, it arrived promptly. Love!

To read ALL customer feedback from my Etsy store, click HERE
gift wrapped scarves ready to ship

When you order a scarf from Muse Silk Paintings, not only do you receive a beautiful, hand painted scarf, but it also comes with complimentary shipping, gift wrapping, an extra gift and a hand written card.  Shop Muse Silk Paintings TODAY and let me help you put a big smile on her face this Mother's Day!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Easy being Green

Can you believe it is March already?  It seems that 2011 is just flying by and here in Southern California it is finally starting to feel like Spring!  A sure way to brighten up your outfit from winter to a fresh, spring look is to throw on a lovely, hand painted, green scarf (not to mention it's always good to be prepared on St. Patrick's Day and Earth Day).

After all, it is such a wonderful color.. and as Kermit the Frog sings:

"But green's the color of Spring
And green can be cool and friendly-like
And green can be big like an ocean, or important
Like a mountain, or tall like a tree"
.... or silky and gorgeous like a stunning Muse scarf....
(hmm this last line may have been added by a third party)

Shop all green scarves HERE today 
and let Muse Silk Paintings show you just how easy it is to be green!  

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Musie 4,000 Give-away!

Dear Friends and Musies,
I just finished painting these two, gorgeous new scarves!  It took me a while, but I think they turned out beautifully.  The "Mint Rose Garden" melts from mint into emerald green near the edges and the golden and nectarine roses flow along the silk next to warm, olive leaves with metallic shimmering accents.  This is the perfect scarf for spring, or any festive occasion!  To see more photos of this scarf, click HERE.
"Mint Rose Garden" on silk crepe de chine
"Paper Mache Evergreens" on silk crepe de chine

And the "Paper Mache Evergreens" with it's super cool, marbled texture look and bold, geometric trees is such a wintery and fun fashion accessory.   The midnight black sky combined with electric greens feels so fresh and exciting - perfect for the holidays!  To see more photos of this scarf, click HERE.

And... despite the wishes of certain people....  I have decided to give them BOTH away... For FREE!  Would you like a chance to win? 


1. "like" the Muse Silk Paintings facebook fan page HERE

2. "share" our page with your friends that love art and fashion

 3. Leave a comment HERE on THIS BLOG in the comments section that says "SHARED" to be entered to the drawing

4. Once our fan page hits 4,000 fans (a.k.a Musies), I will be picking TWO lucky Musies at random and will send this each winner one of these gorgeous scarves to the winner as a FREE Thank You gift!  It could be YOU!

Thank you for participating in this give-away and helping me promote Muse Silk Paintings.  With just a few clicks, one of these hand painted scarves could be in your hot little hands soon!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Transitions Collection

In celebration of this special day, first day of the Chinese New Year (Year of the Rabbit), I am delighted to announce my first new Collection of 2011!  The year of the Rabbit promises that good taste and refinement will shine on everything.  It is also the year of recovery, and time to focus on relationships, home and family.  Translation:  Let's dress up and enjoy each others company!

This past year, I have faced many challenges, however I've just reached a major milestone and  I'm looking forward to moving towards balance, peace, and artistic growth.  This year will be about transitioning from dark to light, frustration to exhilaration, chaos to balance, and stagnation to fluidity.  My new Transitions Collection is inspired by this internal growth and optimism from unexpected changes in my life. 

Each hand painted scarf has gradating color variations wavering fluidly down the silk and topped off with glimmering metallic accents.  They whisper a similarity to a sliced gemstone or agate where you can see the layers have built up over time.  This collection is symbolic as each color transitions into dark, light, and unexpected hues...representing the process of change while the shimmering slivers add that extra sparkle of celebration and illustrate the beautiful notion of new horizons.

I am so inspired by this concept, that I asked my good friend Nancy to create a poem for the occasion!

"Gemstones build layers over time, before we see the glow,
 Bits of golden, dappled as sunlight, so lovely to behold.
 With gently layered hues painting stories of our lives
 Soft and bright rising out of dark and stormy skies
 Light for joy, dark for toil, moments from which to grow
 Transitioning so gracefully, planting hopes and dreams to sow"
- Nancy Beegle

A Transitions Collection scarf is the perfect accessory for traveling, easily transitioning from Day to Night,  and has such a range of colors that can be worn for Spring or Fall... or really any time of year.  Own a piece of this amazing moment and treat yourself to a one-of-a-kind scarf from Muse Silk Paintings.  SHOP the Transitions Collection TODAY!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Story of a Dream come True

 Once upon a time there was a girl who fell in love with the art of silk painting.  She dreamed about it all day and night - of the patterns she would create, the colors she would put together, and how magical it felt to watch the paints spread so beautifully across the silk!

Alas, there was a problem.  To paint on silk, the frames were quite large, her hut was too small, and the only space she had was up on her roof.  So with an umbrella and a few step ladders she created her outdoor studio.  On sunny days in the afternoons, it was her favorite place to be! 
old rooftop studio

 However, not every day was sunny, and not every creature in nature is friendly... and so the wind knocked over her paints, the June Bugs came flying at her face, and leaves would land in the middle of her silk paintings.  She didn't care, just kept on painting, even in the rain!  

wind tragedy
painting in the rain

But as the sun went down, the night air became too cold and damp to paint any more.  In fact, she would catch colds from being out too late, and so the girl was sad.  She continued to paint whenever the weather allowed, and dreamed of a day that she would be able to work inside.  

One day, she learned of an empty, lonely abode that was calling her name.  There were pretty yellow roses outside...  but quite a mess inside!

rose bush outside studio

As she walked through the lonely house.. she discovered a spare room in the back.  It had no floor, cobwebs all around, and in need of love.  But it was space.  INDOOR space.

studio room - BEFORE

And so the journey began to transform the dusty, spare room into a silk painting paradise.  First, she visited the Kingdom of Floors (a.k.a. Home Depot)

new vinyl floor added

And then to her Father's Secret Treasure Lair (a.k.a. the garage)
awesome cubby
She cleaned up the room and enlisted the help of the highest recommended organizer in the land (a.k.a. Momma) to help pile all her art supplies into one area.  She hooked up her Ott light to the table, and opened the windows to let the fresh air in.  When they were finished, she looked at the old spare room with sparkles in her eyes.  For years, she had dreamed of such a space, and here it was ~  FINALLY!!!!!!

new studio :)

 She locked herself up in the studio for days on end and painted to her heart's content.  And as the sun went down, turning the sky pinks and oranges that day, she looked up to admire the colors, thinking to herself how nice that it did not mean she had to stop painting.
sunset reflecting outside studio

And so after years of waiting, pining, and battling the elements to embrace her dream, she finally created her silk painting wonderland, just in time to start the New Year off right.  The girl is happier than she ever could imagine, and is going to live happily ever after.

~ The End ~

I would just like to say Thank You to my Mom, Dad, Honey Bear, and all my friends for your support in getting to this point.  I feel like the luckiest person in the world right now and I just cannot wait to take my silk art to new levels in my new studio space!

Love and Best Wishes Always,

Friday, December 31, 2010

Favorite Things

In my last post of 2010, I would like to share a little song I have written to be sung along with the melody of the original "My Favorite Things" by Maria in the famous old time movie, a Sound of Music.  It is both a fun play on words and also a tribute to the amazing woman who's real life story inspired the movie named Agathe von Trappe, who just recently passed away.

While I sit and reflect on the year past, all I can really think about is how happy and excited I am for all the New Year has to offer!  There were many challenges in 2010 both personally and professionally for me.  I mean, let's face it, this year has been really hard for a lot of us!  However keeping my goals in sight and asking myself each day "What can I do today to help me get one step closer to my dream?" has allowed Muse Silk Paintings and me as a person, to continue to grow.  In that respect, keeping positive, and remembering my favorite things, often times are what keeps me going....

*Clearing throat* 

Big fluffy rain clouds and shimmering sun rays
Soaring tree branches and PJs on Sundays
Beautiful patterns on butterfly wings
These are a few of my favorite things

Reading nice comments and hearing from Musies

Dreams of silk painting while catching my snoozies
Good tiding wishes the holidays bring
These are a few of my favorite things

Italian ice cream and small, fluffy piglets

Warm sheets from the dryer and full staff of Muselets
Envisioning all the great concepts for Spring
These are a few of my favorite things

When bad news hits

When harsh words sting
When I feel so sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don't feel so bad

In closing, I want to share a ROARING THANK YOU to all my friends, family, clients and supporters over this past whirlwind year of 2010.  Wishing you and your family health, wealth, prosperity, and of course, ultimate style for the New Year!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

My Silky Friends - Special Holiday Feature

Dear Friends and Family,
As this year comes to a close, and the holidays are close upon us, I wanted to take a moment to say Thank You to a handful of very special artists who's positive energy and incredible talents have all had a hand in inspiring and supporting my continued Silk Painting adventures this past year.  Each lady being featured here is someone who I truly admire and as all artists have a very different voice and style, it is my pleasure to introduce and share them with you!

1. Name: Fiona Stolze 
Store Name:  Silk & Art
Angel’s “nick name” :) : Mistress of Mandalas

About the Artist:  Fiona is known for her incredibly intricate mandala silk paintings in gorgeous and vibrant colors, which can be found on scarves, pillows, greeting cards, you name it!  I cannot believe the amount of detail that goes into her pieces!  Her energy is a healing and positive one, and therefore no wonder that so much of her work has ended up in environments of meditation, therapy, and healing.  We have had many conversations on silk painting and other various topics that arise in the Silk Painting community.  She is well known in the Silk Painting forums as an active teacher giving generously, her expert advice on varied silk painting techniques and for her graceful, spiritual nature.  I look up to Fiona as a silk painter, business woman, and great marketer of her amazing creations.

When asked what she loves most about silk painting, Fiona's response was, "The thrill I get at seeing those luminous colours on the silk. The huge contrast between the stark white silk and the vibrant dyes I add, step by step. Just standing back again and again and soaking up the colours with my eyes. That’s quite exhilarating at times."
"Return of the Sister Bride" by Fiona Stolze

Favorite Piece:  "Return of the Sister Bride"
When asked why she is proud of this piece, Fiona's response was."  I was inspired to paint it after attending a workshop on the topic of Mary Magdalene being Christ’s no. 1 apostel. All of the symbolism linked with Magdalene’s followers and the myth that was build up around her is incorporated into this painting, including the rose at the centre. Mary was called the Sister Bride. And I feel proud when I look at that painting because it shows my attention to tiny detail as well as the sacred geometry within it. I drew a few circles onto the silk and then began to construct the six pointed star within it. I was fascinated to see that the intersections of the 2 equilateral triangles exactly sat on one of the circles I had drawn. How perfect is that? And my hand didn’t even shake when I retraced the lines in gold."

Learn more about Fiona by clicking HERE

Fiona's Holiday Promotion:  Order a 12 pack of Mandala cards between now and December 31st and you will recieve $3.50 taken off the regular price of $23.00.  Just add "MUSE" in the instruction box when you order, and you will be refunded after purchase!

Shop Fiona's Silk & Art store by clicking HERE

2. Name: Maria Jürimäe
Store Name:  Singing Scarves
Angel’s “nick name” :) : Silken Nightingale

About the Artist:  Maria is an amazing, energetic force who is known for her love of painting one of a kind, custom scarves for special customers.  She has amazing talents to create any idea you can think of!  She loves to paint and sing at the same time and as Maria says, "People from Estonia, the small Nordic country I come from have used the power of song to influence their lives.  Maybe you have heard of our song festivals... and we even sang ourselves free from the Soviet Union."

When asked what she loves most about silk painting, Maria's response was, "I love to paint custom silk scarves that carry special and very personal good wishes."  I know for a fact it is a true joy to receive a lovingly painted scarf from Maria as I have one in my own home of happy dancing bears that makes me smile every time I look at it!  :)

Family Portrait by Maria Jürimäe

Favorite Piece:  "Family Portrait"
When asked why she is proud of this piece, Maria's response was, "One of the most difficult tasks I've had was painting a family portrait on silk (5 people on silk with the things they love to eat).  Painting a portrait on silk is already a challenge, but painting five of them on the same piece is five times riskier.  If one member of the family feels s(he) is not like himself/herself then... "

Learn more about Maria by clicking HERE or HERE

Maria's Holiday Promotion:  She has surprises waiting for your in her Etsy shop - seven can take a small scarf they have never seen with VERY special price (2 are already gone, 5 left).  She is offering one custom large silk scarf for half price and some scarves are currently discounted up to 30%

Shop Maria's Singing Scarves store by clicking HERE

3. Name: Joy Light
Store Name:  Joysilk
Angel’s “nick name” :) : Mermaid of Ashland

About the Artist:  Joy is such a pleasure to know!  When I think of her, I see her smiling face modeling gorgeous, large silks being draped, like waves over her shoulders.  :)  Her studio is amazing, and even has published a video taking a peek into her creative work space which I just love!  Joysilk is known for their gorgeous ruanas and scarves with beautiful textures and rich colors.

When asked what she loves most about silk painting, Joy's response was, "The beauty of this work is that it is for wearing. In the wearing it finds its purpose; transforming the wearer with its light, channeling human energy into a unique presence. Bringing pleasure from the eye to the heart, each piece has its own personality, a life of its own, channeled by the artist into our world."

European Series by Joy Light
Favorite Project  "European Series"
When asked why she is proud of this piece, Joy's response was."This series was a big departure from my usual abstract color washes.  Each scarf was painted on a different weave of silk, each design was completely different from the nex.  I was proud and encouraged by my ability to paint in a new style."
Learn more about Joy by clicking HERE or HERE

Joy's Holiday Promotion:  Take 50% off at with discount code ANGELRAY.  Offer good through 12/15

Shop Joysilk's Etsy store HERE  and her home page HERE

4. Lynn Meek 
Store Name:  Silk Siren
Angel’s “nick name” :) : Floral Goddess

About the Artist:  Think you've seen a pretty watercolor floral scarf?  Think again.  Lynn Meek's work simply takes my breath away and I am always inspired by her insane talents on expressing detailed, beautiful watercolor floral, landscapes, and even tigers onto gorgeous silk pieces.  Lynn's work has become known for her large scale, shawl-type wraps - no two alike!  Meek has developed her own signature watercolor style using slightly thickened dye applied in a more painterly manner without resist.  This technique lets her paint wet-on-wet letting the dyes mix and meld on the silk - a tricky and unforgiving process!   But.. they are ohhh.. so lovely!

When asked what she loves most about silk painting, Lynn's response was, "Color, color, color!  Luscious dye dropped onto sexy silk  - I was hooked the first time I did it!  AND, as I've continued on this journey, the wonderful, supportive and creative family of silk painters I've met along the way! (... let me add "crazy" and "fun" to those adjectives as well :)"  

Shamrock Scarf by Lynn Meek
Favorite Piece:  Shamrock Scarf
When asked why she is proud of this piece, Lynn's response was."This was for a 30 something young woman with the most gorgeous long, thick curly red hair which would soon be gone to chemo treatment.  I designed a bright, colorful square of silk she could use as a head wrap, tucking some lucky shamrocks in the design as well as her name in Celtic script.  I was truly honored to create this for her."
Learn more about Lynn by clicking HERE

Shop Silk Siren's Etsy store HERE  or by special appointment at her studio - just email her at

5. Name:  Marcia Ferris
Angel’s “nick name” :) : Maestra Mia

About the Artist:  Possibly one of my number one supporters, and fellow mushroom obsesser is this lovely lady! Marcia is a self taught artist who is a self-proclaimed " Technique Artist" in silk.  She is known for her amazing "Alter Ego" scarves, interesting textures, and jacket collections.  She has probably tested out every possible way to create interesting textures on silk than you or I could possibly think of.  And what is even better?  She loves to share her knowledge and give classes to budding silk artists, and experienced ones alike.

When asked what she loves most about teaching silk techniques, she replied "I recently taught some groups of women who had never silk painted before.  We had so much fun.  They went home with beautiful scarves and happy faces."

Children's Quilt by Marcia Ferris

Favorite Project  "Childrens Quilt"
When asked why she is proud of this piece, Maria's response was, "I am most proud of a children's quilt I made last October for a raffle to help pay for the hospital and medical expenses of a very sick child that I knew.  It was inspired by a beautiful matching children's game with interesting animals, wild life, flowers, etc.. I used scrap painted silk to create the squares and then machine quilted.  The raffle went quite well.  Of course it is unavailable now."
Marcia's pieces are only available via private request.  You can email her at and she is happy to answer your silk painting questions as well.

6. Pauline Wherrell
Store Name:  Pauline Wherrell on RedBubble
Angel’s “nick name” :) : Crystal Ice Princess

About the Artist:  Pauline is more of a mixed media artist, who also paints on silk as well as canvas, paper, and currently exploring more in photography.  I've had many critiques and discussions about art with this wonderful lady and feel quite close, even though we are oceans apart.  She is known for her incredible interpretations of crystal blue (her favorite color) and high contrasting pieces.  While most of her artwork feels cool to me, she is in reality such a warm, friendly and talented person!

When asked what she loves most about silk painting, Pauline's response was, "The thing I love most about silk painting is its unpredictable nature when painting freely and the vibrancy of the dye colors."  

The Pond by Pauline Wherrell
Favorite Piece:  The Pond
original silk painting with dupont dyes on charmeuse
I love Pauline's delicious use of cool blues and vibrant purples in this, and all her amazing artwork! 
When asked what piece she is most proud of, Pauline's response was, "I am proud of anything I do that has occured as an accident that nobody, not even I can reproduce.  I am at the present exploring photographic creations with ice and clear quartz."  
Learn more about Pauline by clicking HERE

Shop Pauline's RedBubble store HERE

7. Jasdeep Kaur
Angel’s “nick name” :) :  Silky Queen of New Delhi

About the Artist:  Jasdeep has been an enthusiastic supporter of my work through her comments and energetic responses over the past year, and although she does not sell in a store online, yet, she does beautiful work herself, and I wanted to share it with you.  She is known for her happy, vibrant and colorful motifs filled with positive and lively designs!  Her forte is hand embroidery, but has begun to explore silk painting in the past few years

Butterfly Inspired long silk scarf by Jasdeep Kaur
When asked what she loves most about silk painting, Jasdeep's response was, "Since this art is relatively new to Indians, at least in the northern part of the country, wearing a painted outfit thrills them, giving me all the more reason to be happy and proud of the fact that I have yet another medium to express my feelings... put my thoughts from my mind to the ever gorgeous silk.  It is a proud feeling to give something so unique and exclusive and boast about it!"  

To learn more about Jasdeep and view her silk painting gallery, click HERE

 To All my Silky Friends both featured here and all over the world, thank you for your continued support and friendship.  Wishing you all the best for a healthy, happy, safe and warm holiday season and a very Happy New Year!
All My Best,