Friday, February 12, 2010

For the Love of... Cosmic Paintings! Artful Friday Finds

On the eve of this Valentine's Day weekend, I am taking a break from our usual Friday Fashion Finds to introduce a new type of Friday list. Welcome to the first posting of "Artful Friday Finds" which will mainly focus on fine art. So keep checking in to the Muse Blog as every Friday will have either delightful fashion OR art finds to kick off your weekend!

Cosmic Paintings
Is there anything more mysterious or alluring as the starry skies above? These pieces below just take my breath away with their unique depictions of the celestial masterpieces the universe creates. Each artist has their own hand and unique way of expressing this glorious subject matter. While there is so much art out there, these were my all time favorites from Fine Artists on Etsy. The gorgeous plays of color, light, and movement evoke such grand emotions and lovely inspiration, that I could think of nothing more appropriate than to share them with you, with love, of course.

Original Painting on Canvas by Eleanor Gilpatrick

"Sunken Treasure No.11"

Original painting by Kristan Hodge

Original oil painting by Marina Petro

"Clouds Mountain Sunset Tree"

Original Landscape painting by Matt

"Jupiter's Moons"

Original abstract painting by Sally Trace


Eleanor Gilpatrick said...

I am so thrilled to be here, and I must say the artwork here just knocks me out. I feel honored to be in the company of these artists!

Eleanor Gilpatrick

joy in my studio said...

This is fascinating!

linda said...

these are absolutely stunning. I want to just sink into them.

aubepine said...


apinkdreamer said...

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AmyMayDesign said...

Wow these are amazing I love them! The color the texture everything!