Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Elusive Treasury making - revealed

So a little birdy told me that you wanted to learn how to create a Treasury on Etsy. I have to admit, of all the new things to learn as an Etsy seller, this feat has proven to be the most complicated, but nowadays, it's a breeze. Thanks to my amazing CCCOE team support, now it's a piece of cake. Creating treasuries is a great way to make friends, expand your network, promote fellow artists, groom your curating/editing skills, and you just never know when a grateful fellow Etisan might toss a cross-promotion your way in the future.

1. Dont be Late for your Date
Check the Treasury Clock to see the next time the Treasuries will open up. Treasury West opens when there are less than 222 lists, and the Big Treasury opens at less than 333.

2. Let your creative genius run free
Create your Poster Sketch. You don't have to save it either - it will save on it's own. I recommend having 2 browsers open while you are searching for your favorite items - one with your poster sketch and the other on Etsy to search items. Copy and paste the listing # to your poster sketch. Move them around until you are happy with your selections. The 4 slots on the right are "alternates". They are there because if your Treasury makes the front page, and one of the items sells, an alternate will take it's place.

3. The early bird gets the worm
Whenever the next time pops up, open up the Big Treasury page or Treasury West page (depending which is opening up at that time). Actually I suggest checking in 20 min. prior because sometimes people with existing lists start deleting them and the box opens up sooner and you miss your chance.

4. Stalk like a Tiger
So you have figured out the opening time, have your poster sketch ready, the Treasury is about to open in 20 min. and now you wait. and wait. and wait. Do NOT refresh your browser - just be patient. You can organize the lists by clicking on "expiration" at the top. You will see how many minutes and just watch them wind down. 336, 335, 334, 333... here it comes!!

5. Pounce!
Once the list drops to 332 (for the Big T), if you are lucky, a little white box will pop up at the bottom of the page. Quickly write in your title of your Treasury and click "OK create". Woohooo! Your Treasury list has been snagged! It's time to copy and paste from your poster sketch to your new empty T template (again I recommend having 2 separate browser windows open for this). Now, the little white box does not always open up, especially if there are too many people stalking at the same time. So if you miss it, don't worry - just try again the next time the clock says it will open up again. Treasuries only last a few days so there are plenty of opportunities to get one :)

In fact, I just created one this morning with a mystery/magical forest secrets theme - check it out HERE!

6. Alert the Media!
Well, err.. at least the artists you have featured. You don't have to, but I always like to try to send a little convo with the Treasury link to the Etsy sellers I have featured so they can enjoy checking it out and spread the word. You can also check to see if your shop has been featured by checking the Treasury Hunt - just write in your store name.

7. Make it HOT
The more people that click on your treasury and leave comments, the "hotter" it becomes. The hotter it becomes, the more visible it is to the Etsy admin teams and just MIGHT get picked to be featured on the coveted FRONT PAGE! So spread the word, click on ALL 12 images and encourage others to leave comments. I have had a few front page experiences so far and it's amazing how much wonderful exposure it gives your shop! To see the FPs Muse has been lucky enough to be featured in, click HERE. I think I had over 200 views on a front page treasury once - thrilling!

8. What goes around, comes around
I strongly believe that by sending out positive energy, celebrating and promoting other Etsy seller's shops only comes back three fold to you. Whether it is making new friends, just expanding your network, or even translating all the exposure into sales (yey!), it's all good. So go on, make your Treasuries - send out the love, and feel it come right back :)


Peppermint Sage Designs said...

Very cool tutorial. What a great idea to helpout the newbies. I want to add that the Treasury Clock can be found on Craftopolis and you can search there to see if you are in a treasury too. Great post =)

Fiona Stolze said...

You are such a darling, Angel. Thank you for taking the time to put all this together. And it's so fabulously done. Top class.

Going to bed now here in UK and will work through this tomorrow. Big hugs to you.xx

naughteebits said...

awesome! thank you for this! i had given up but, perhaps i'll try again!

joy in my studio said...

Angel, this was so helpful to read! Thanks a lot for putting this together. I had found the concept of treasuries completely bamboozeling until now... and I like how you included the funny kitty photos as part of the narrative :) -Joanna

Angel Ray said...

So glad you enjoyed it! I wrote it for Fiona, but it seems she was not alone and (hee hee) Joanna I just couldn't resist those funny kitties ;p

Joy Light said...

wowza thank you for the awesome tutorial, love the images! you are really an encouraging voice!

Cynthia said...

This is a great guide to treasury-making! Important directions so nicely presented! Good karma is flowing your way for sure!!!