Friday, October 22, 2010

Greeting Cards - A Whole New World (and giveaway)!

Greetings friends, family, and lovely clients! I cannot even count how many times people have come to me and said, "You know, I love your art, but I'm not a scarf wearer." Believe me, I can relate. Not every day can be a scarf day!

So in an effort to widen my product line and offer a little something to let you get your hands on a Muse Silk Paintings artwork, I SO excited to let you know that I'm planning to offer cards in the very near future! There is only one that I am 100% sure will be in the Collection so far, and that is the ever whimsical Fairytale Forest silk painting "Mushroom Dream".
I am reaching out to you, my followers, friends, and Musies to take this survey to help me understand what you look for in Greeting Cards before launching this new product line. As a Thank You for taking the time out of your day to do this, I am offering ONE FREE ART CARD (and envelope) of this gorgeous "Mushroom Dream" silk painting to you!

Take the survey today by clicking HERE!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Dharma-ful Morning!

Recently I took a little trip up to Northern California to get away from it all... but in the back of my mind all through the weekend, I admit it was very hard to stop thinking about my final stop in San Raphael. Why, you ask? In this town resides one of my favorite shops EVER!

Ahhhh (listen closely and you can hear the choir singing Hallelujiah) DHARMA!!! One of my favorite silk painting suppliers! For a moment, my heart skipped a beat because I realized it was a holiday, but then I saw they were, in fact OPEN!

I walked in, and to the right there were rows and rows of beautiful silk, cotton, and hemp blank clothing - all ready for painting.. just hanging there.. waiting to be decorated..

I turned to the left and felt hypnotized by the candy colored rows of yummy Lumiere paints! Ohhh how I wanted to gobble up every color. I LOVE Lumiere!

And then *sigh* the piece de resistance - a little tower of novelty silk scarves, all folded up and organized in their places.. devore, satin burnouts, coin purses, velvets... so many ideas flowed through my mind just looking at each little compartment! Yes did spend nearly a half an hour in front of this tower. And yes, I may have been drooling the whole time (at least no one seemed to notice the crazy lady obsessively inspecting each novelty silk).

After pretty much frolicking all over the Dharma store and stocking up on silk painting goodies, it was such a beautiful morning that I decided to go for a stroll in the neighborhood. I decided a few things. 1) I would like to live in that little red house on the end please.

2) I would like fairytale flowers growing all over my door as well.

3) a pumpkin patch flag of my very own (how cute)!

4) would like my excuse of "Officer, Nature WANTED me to Park here" to be valid in avoiding being towed.

5) and last, but not least, I would really like to know, "How much is that doggy in the window?" :)

Overall I had a wonderful trip! Saw my friends, family, enjoyed some gorgeous, Northern Cali weather, and yes... finally made it to Dharma!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Fairytale Forest Fall/Winter Collection by Muse Silk Paintings

We modern and savvy women go a mile a minute these days, emailing, texting, twittering, facebooking and just trying to keep up with life. Wouldn’t you just love to hit pause on the chaos?

Muse Silk Paintings invites you to take a deep breath and enter the Fairytale Forest…

Imagine a lilac mist rolling gently over sloping foothills and meadows of sweet-scented flowers. Delicate mushrooms nestle at the base of towering Redwoods in warm hues of peach and coral, gold and bright citron green. They are nearly enchanting enough to eat.

This is a place for magic, for wood nymphs and fairies.

Water ripples over the smooth rocks of a nearby stream and beyond that is a crystal blue waterfall, whose droplets mix with the sun rays to throw small rainbows along your path. It’s here, in a serene pool of water, that you catch a glimpse of your reflection. You are goddess of the forest.

As the sun begins to set in a blaze of pinks and orange, all the forest creatures—the sapphire caterpillar and the young butterfly emerging with its splendid new wings—begin to disappear into the dusk. The snails leave behind iridescent trails and the stars begin to shimmer and wink across the rich indigo sky.

Allow the Muse Silk Paintings Fall/Winter collection to remind you of your favorite childhood fairy tales and to escape into the flora and fauna of youth. Invest in a little treasure for yourself, adding both elegance and charm to your fall wardrobe.

The Fairytale Forest luxury collection is now available, so come discover all our brand new scarves today!