Friday, March 19, 2010

Art Nouveau Paradise - Favorites on Fridays

I can't keep it hidden any longer. While I have a great love for all artistic expression and movements, Art Nouveau has got to me my all time favorite! I'm hopelessly mesmerized by the swaying, swirling movements and touched by the message it sang from it's origins - of using art to make our daily lives more fulfilling and beautiful, whether it be on a painting, vase, or jewelry - is is still art. Last week's feature of the amazingly talented Emily Balivet renewed my Art Nouveau passion and so for today I'm adding one more type of Friday Feature to add to the mix called Favorites on Fridays.

Here is the one-by-one listing of today's Favorites on Fridays - the gorgeous finds from Etsy. Here is everything you need to create your own Art Nouveau Paradise!

How adorable! They are less than 3 inches large and I want them all - especially the M-U-S-E :) :) :)

Are they birds in love or is it one admiring it's own reflection? Whatever you decide, the gorgeous symmetrical design and ivery, green combination is so sweet and gorgeous. A lovely piece of home decor!

3. Peacock Pouf footrest by RECOVERED

At first I did not know what this was, but upon closer inspection, I found it is a recovered ottoman/footrest fit for a princess. Can you imagine this in a modern room with black, white and peacock blue accents? Sigh.. I really want to rest my footsies on this!

4. Eva II original painting by Six06

Obsessed, much? Yes, yes I am. I love the smooth shading, her twisting, curling locks, and smoldering stare. The tonal color story makes it a perfect and sophisticated accent for any wall in your house. Such a statement piece and truly a treasure.

Love this colorful, patterned little box to bring a little pop to your dresser. You can keep jewelry or hidden love notes in it. Whatever you keep, it should be as precious as it's holder. :)

These amazing vintage vases should be filled with expensive champagne and shared with all the royal court (well, if that is what you call your closest friends, anyway). They take my breath away, truly! Go ahead, you can wear your tiara with these babies on the table.

7. Tangled Poppies original painting by AmandaMueller

Can't... stop.. staring.. swirly.. twirly.. LOVE this beautiful painting and I'm completely mesmerized with the flowing line work and rich contrast of ruby red flowers against the aqua blues. So beautiful!

For the super cool musician, what a gorgeous guitar and fine nouveau etching. Be the envy of the band with this gorgeous piece while you play all your favorite tunes.

A lovely way to add a little special touch to your kitchen cabinets. After all, Art Nouveau is all about making our day to day lives more enriched with art and beautiful pattern :)

10. Peacock Feather Linen Pillow by Giardino

Love this pillow! The colors are a little retro and the pattern is so fun. The exotic feathers bring happy elements of nature and a bit of the tropical, while keeping the Nouveau theme. Love, love love! Did I mention I love it?

11. Cloud Rider original painting by AmandaMueller

Groovy, baby. This amazing artwork is painted on wood panel. As the elegant cloud goddess bike rides her way across the sky, it feels so whimsical and modern at the same time. Where would you hang it?

12. Familiarity screen print by estasketch

There is something quite captivating in this piece. Who knows, maybe it's because I'm a Gemini that I'm drawn to these twins enjoying the comforts of familiarity. The teal blues and off white colors have a cool, vintage feeling and I love how their hair takes the form of ribbon like waves. They seem weightless and immortal.

13. Tree of Life original painting by JohnDHarmon

The full moon, night sky, and blooming tree against the gold seem quite regal, and just a bit spooky. What a wonderful, magical piece! Love the ornate scroll work around the edges - perfect for the Witchy Woman in you.

You cannot have a Peacock pouf and pillow without the vessel to match! Love this gorgeous piece. It is, of course, hand crafted and so lovely. The feathers wrap around this piece as if they are floating in the wind on an afternoon day. Just looking at it makes me happy!

I feel like this is the Art Nouveau version of Snow White escaping into the woods. She looks so innocent and beautiful, while the clawing branches reach out for her and the dark shadows in the background represent the foreboding danger ahead. Despite the pastel color story, the painting feels quite dramatic - and I want to eat it up!

Wondering what to toss your favorite fruit in or do you need a pretty bowl to hold some floating flowers in? This is it! Hand painted, gorgeous detailed line work all around the edges make this beauty a one of a kind treasure. I would like a whole set, please.

This is a quilt. Yes, I'm serious - a quilt! Quite possible the most beautiful quilt I've ever seen. Just look at all the tonal shades of gorgeous reds, browns, greens, golds. The modern slivers of the design. I just may run out of words here, but all in all, I'm beyond impressed with the skills it took to create such a masterpiece. And the fact that it is in the nouveau style, well excuse me I think I'm drooling.


giardino said...

Wow! What a great collection. Thanks for including my Peacock Feather linen pillow. Now off to look at all the other Art Nouveau inspired selections...

In My Blue Room said...

Lovely choices I especially love the green vases....

Gypsy said...

Oh, my. What a lovely collection! I am in love with all of it, and honored that you included my guitar.


linda said...

Oh, this genre' is so compelling and interesting, so thanks for sharing.

aubepine said...

Great finds! Love the initial pillows and the art nouveau box!

Gretchen Matta said...

What a beautiful collection! Thanks so much for including my Art Nouveau Woman painting!!

Suzanne said...

That quilt is incredible!

Nora said...

Thanks for this post..I personally love the peacock items,the couch and the vase,spectacular!

Anonymous said...

Angel, thanks so much for this wonderful collection - how strange that you've chosen my favorite period, and also put in something depicting my astrological sign, and so cool that it's yours, as well!

Every piece is just exceptional work! Lovely!

nuvonova said...

What great finds!!

storybeader said...

I love being able to see all the art close up! You have the greatest Favorites on Friday post! I don't think of myself as ornamental, but I find myself SO attracted to the pieces! So sorry to see you leaving the Etsybloggers thread; hope to see you back soon. {:-Deb

David said...

A great collection and we appreciate being included. If you "drop" by TheArtNouveauShop or SublimeImages just mention (Convo) an Angel sent you and we will give you a 15 per cent discount. Good until the end of March.

Anitra Cameron said...

What a Wonderful selection. Every other piece, I was saying to myself, "OH, this is my favorite" and then having to amend it. "No, This is!" Beautiful.

Bella said...

Those green vases are to die for!! Beautiful!

Attack of the Vintage said...

Great blog! I enjoyed each and every one of your selections! I see I will be adding several more etsy shops to my favorites.
Thanks for sharing!

Toni at Satin Stitchery said...

Oh my, this is a wonderful post! I love Art Nouveau too, and your picks are wonderful!


Beth said...

Really lovely collection!

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Art nouveau is also my passion because what was going on from the late 1800's to even the nineteen thirties really makes me wish I could have seen the art and books on faerytales progressing. I think that the Belle Epoque signifies an appreciation for a more swirling, free form expression, while adoration was at its peak in art for Nature. I love your silk art so much. Thanks for adding me on facebook! Great to see you! Blessings.

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

I think I just accidentally got rid of what I just wrote, but, know that I appreciate your art and the Belle Epoque represents for me a love of all we dream for in childhood; Nature's sweet closeness, infinite possibilities, stories, swirling freer forms in art with an embrace of fine lines and faery fun. Everything from the buildings, the furniture, the sculpture, the lighting said, "Life is a beautiful thing. Become part of the magic. As you read see that a lily pad light adds to the richness of your experience, etc. I love our time, as well, because there are such great publications now with like Stampington and Cloth, Paper, Scissors that show what is happening in art and it is exquisite. I adore the art you contribute to this world. Thanks for that. Blessings.