Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thank you for being a Musie

I have so many reasons to be thankful this year... my health is improving, ideas flowing, business growing... But most of all, I am so grateful to my friends, family, clients, and FB fans (Musies) for your continued support.  Without your encouraging comments, creative feedback and boisterous voters, where would I be?  So this song is for you (to be sung to "Thank you for being a Friend" by Andrew Gold.

Thank You For Being A Musie
Thank you for being a Musie
Every comment you make, I love more than a tootsie
Your heart is sweet and you’re marvelous

I'm not ashamed to say
I hope it always will stay this way
Throw on your scarf, and won't you take a bow

And if you shopped on Etsy
Bought a list of gifts so pretty
You would see, a most tender wrapped gift from me
and the card attached would say,
Thank you from Angel Ray

Thank you for being Musie


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Link Love! (switching from Discussion to Forum on FB)

Dear Friends,
As you may know, I love to support my fellow artists and small business owners by giving a place for you to drop all your links on my Facebook Discussion Page.  However lately, FB has removed this option.  Boo :(

Coliseum, Rome - print by bleuherron

However thanks to a handy tip from my Etisan friend,  Carrie of BagalioPaintings I've discovered the new Forum APP which can be used in the same way.

Here is the Link to click on where you can share all your business links on my Face book Business Fan page (which is now at 4,000 Musies and growing!):

Crowd - painting by SydnorWorks
If you would like to set up the Forum APP on your own page, here is the Link:

So come on over, join the Musies and keep spreading the Link Love!  Thank you for you support, and also for supporting other small business with handmade products.  :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Neutrals with Gold - Etsy Style

Happy Fall to you!  Are you looking for ways to wear your colorful scarves without looking like a clown?  You don't always have to match the same scarf color to your blouse to keep it chic.  Today I have put together some great Etsy finds to create the perfect Fall outfit.  Inspired by this styled shot from the luxury site Netaporter, with its warm neutrals, cool blacks, and splashes of gold.  

This is a great way to wear a colorful scarf against complimentary solids and never look overdone.  Here are my favorite Etsy Finds together that you can create a similar look with!

  1. Butterscotch Dream - hand painted silk scarf in yellows, golds, and browns by MuseSilkPaintings
  2. Brass Ring Band - ultra chic, modern and simple  - by OneWorldTwoHands
  3. Gladiator Cuff - 18K gold, strong, bold, and beautiful - by OSShop
  4. Vintage fawn dotted silk blouse - neutral with tiny, feminine dot print by Silviawan
  5. Vintage wool brown blazer - a great Fall piece over jeans, slacks, or a skirt by Nemres
  6. Black Wool Shorts by YYStudio - alone or paired with sweater tights, these are fantastic
  7. Leather Handbag Tote - with beautiful texture, (I'm drooling) by Dejou
  8. Black leather pumps with gold beads - how hot are these!? by MyGmasCloset
All these pieces are so fantastic on their own and super versatile.  I can see those shoes with a red dress, or the blouse over a white skirt, or jeans even.  This is just one way to wear it all.  Because there are so many other great pieces on Etsy that you can mix and match to create this look, I also created a Treasury with more items to create this similar look as well.  Click HERE to Enjoy!