Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Link Love! (switching from Discussion to Forum on FB)

Dear Friends,
As you may know, I love to support my fellow artists and small business owners by giving a place for you to drop all your links on my Facebook Discussion Page.  However lately, FB has removed this option.  Boo :(

Coliseum, Rome - print by bleuherron

However thanks to a handy tip from my Etisan friend,  Carrie of BagalioPaintings I've discovered the new Forum APP which can be used in the same way.

Here is the Link to click on where you can share all your business links on my Face book Business Fan page (which is now at 4,000 Musies and growing!):

Crowd - painting by SydnorWorks
If you would like to set up the Forum APP on your own page, here is the Link:

So come on over, join the Musies and keep spreading the Link Love!  Thank you for you support, and also for supporting other small business with handmade products.  :)

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Fashion Updates said...

awesome. painting. and great artist.