Friday, January 29, 2010

Boyfriend Borrower - Friday Fashion Finds

Lately it's been so chilly here in Southern Cali that all I can think about is bundling up, extra covers, and finding my honey to snuggle up next to for some extra warmth! Speaking of which, today's post is about the"borrowed boyfriend jacket" look, which I am "borrowing" from Vogue's Most Wanted section. So while I'm not quite generous enough to let you borrow my guy, you're more than welcome to take this style idea and run!

I love this look! Cool, sophisticated neutrals with a pop of red and super sexy black pumps. Great for the office, or a super chic lunch date. Of course, the high end designer finds are so great, but here is another fantastic way to pull this off, at the same time supporting the hand made artisan and vintage community.

Hot & Cold
I'm just loving this boyfriend style, vintage RL grey blazer(1)! You could wear it over jeans, or dress it up a bit. Of course, I chose to dress it up :) Paired with this lovely, light feather grey pleated skirt(5) and gorgeous, hand painted scarf(4) really gives the look a feminine touch. The large statement ring(2) sparkling is sure to turn heads... it looks like a cosmic pool of ice crystals - how beautiful! Last but not least, throw on these oh, so sexy, snakeskin black heels(6) and luscious red leather clutch(3) to add a little pop of fire into this outfit. My goodness, you'll look so amazing in this, any boyfriend will let you borrow him..err.. I mean his jacket!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Denim Darlings - Friday Fashion Finds

Maybe it's all the stormy weather lately, but all I can think about is how I can't wait for Spring! Today I'm sharing two spring garden inspired outfits. I'm also focusing on the whole "All about Denim" trend happening as well (which in my humble opinion, I feel D&G did the best job with on the runways this season).

A Walk in the Park
Ahhh the grass smells so clean and new once the rains have cleared! These amazing cut off boyfriend shorts(1) will look super cute with this bleached out, 90's denim top(6) (throw on a grey or white tank underneath). Smooth, chocolate riding boots and this chic, leather tote(10) give the earthy, outdoors look, white these fun vintage aviator sunglasses(3) keep it so cool. Add floral jewelry like this gorgeous, etched silver poppies cuff(5)and delicate kiwi green studs(2), and a precious copper, buttercup ring(4) to add a fresh garden feel, and top it all off with this hand painted, mint and olive green scarf for that extra splash of elegance.

If it's still too cold to venture outside, try sprucing up your Indoors with these beautiful, Forest and Birds wall stickers(7) to create a contemporary and refreshing space!

Sweet Ride
I was just so taken with this beautiful fine art print(9) ~ the red bike and flowers really set the mood for this next outfit. Let's start with this charming denim jumper(1) with red floral details. Even alone it is just so cute! Keep the chilly wind away with a cuddly grandpa sweater(5), cinnamon brown boots(7), and lovely hand painted red and purple scarf(6). The vintage Persol shades(3) have so much character, as do these delicious blueberry earrings(2) (I want them so much!). Bring out that red pop color just a bit more with an irresistable, fuzzy red poppy ring(4) ~what a conversation starter that lovely little thing would be, right? Add in the final touch of sweet charm with this hand dyed basket(8), and all you need are the goodies before riding over the mountains and through the woods. Enjoy your sweet ride!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Up close and Personal with Angel

Did you want to get to know me better? I've decided to share my hopes dreams, and a little bit more in this amazing Artist Feature by Iris from Arco Iris Handcrafted.

Read all about it HERE!

Thank you for visiting :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Military Mix - Friday Fashion Finds

This Spring, one of my favorite trends is the utility or Military jacket look. I love these rugged jackets ~ they are not only fashion savvy, but super comfortable and casual too. You can wear it out to dinner over a dress, belted with a skirt, or slung over your jeans for lazy afternoon of lounging and shopping. Here are a few ideas on how to pull off this look while still keeping it sophisticated and feminine.

Boho Chic

Who says mixing and matching patterns has to make you look like a clown? The black, white, khakis and reds make up an elegant AND fun color story here. Love the contrast of the boho prints with the modern and hard edged accessories. This tribal printed vintage black and white dress(3) is is so cute and looks great with this fantastic army jacket(1). Gorgeous silver earrings(4) reflect the geometric pattern of the printed dress(3), and would go with anything. Heat up the outfit with pops of warm reds by tossing on a hand painted silk scarf(2), incredible statement square block ring(5) (which I'm drooling over), and these oh so sexy, Italian vintage boots(6). Top it all off with this super fun,bohemian camel tote(7) that looks like it could fit just about everything in it!

March on

Stand up straight! Put those shoulders back! Why? Because you'll look simply smashing in this smart little black marching band jacket(1) and amazingly versatile double threat tank dress(3). Twist up this warm and sophisticated, hand painted silk crepe scarf(4) and charming little vintage drummer pin(5). I just love this silver and gold, square stacked ring(2) (and again this is such a great piece ~ could go with any outfit). Complete this stylish look with these great riding boots(7) and phenomenally crafted, gorgeous tote(6). Now you're all set to march on and on... to the next look...

Flying High

Look up, up in the sky! Is it a bird, a plane? No, it's an amazing and airborne loving outfit that every girl MUST have this season! Let's talk about this yummy, military inspired outfit, shall we? This awesome vintage air force jacket(1) really sets the tone. Throw it on over a fun and sexy little heart breaker T(5) with a pair of rockin 90's D&G jeans(4) and we have a cool, casual ensemble as it is. Add in this super cute winged bomber ring(3) and cool vintage, Ray-ban aviators(8) to add to this winged bombshell beautiful outfit. Bring in more feminine touches with a hand painted, charcoal roses silk scarf(2), and add a bit of silvery shine with pretty silver flats(6) and smashing, metallic hobo bag(7). Presto ~ you're a pilot's dream come true. :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Romance on the Go - Friday Fashion Finds

Welcome to the first edition of our 2010 Friday Fashion Finds! Although it might be freezing all over the country right now, it won't be long until Southern California is warm and sunny again. So throw on a blanket, cuddle up, and think warm thoughts for the next few months will be ALL about spring styling ideas!

Since Spring is about newness and romance, I thought we'd start out with this beautiful watercolor painting "Romance is in the air.. Floral Tulips and Bee" by artist Susan Faye. I love the deep shades of blue and the way the light plays off the petals ~ just gorgeous! And now, with this lovely and inspiring painting, we can expand on how to translate this into a fantastic outfit you can wear any day!

Romance on the Go
From running errands, shopping, to lunch dates, who says you have to do it all in sweats? You can be comfy AND stylish ~ here is one idea how for the girl on the go.

I was floored to discover this amazing casual yet oh so chic and feminine, Marilyn Monroe silk velvet burnout tank. Add a romantic touch with this amazing hand painted, art deco scarf and toss in some 80's awesomeness with these vintage Anne Klein sunglasses. The double stranded ruby rosary chain necklace pops some more color out and is simply stunning while this "go everywhere" sand tote is so divinely simple. I could easily see all my stuff fitting in that bag! Throw on these killer cut off shorts over some grey tights (after all, it IS still a bit nippy out there) and incredible white snakeskin cowboy boots to really kick it up a notch (pun intended). If the wind does get chilly, slip on this snuggly cotton blend blazer ~ another wear day or night piece!

And just remember as you're running around town looking oh, so beautiful, to stop and smell the first blooms of the season too!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Do's and Dont's of silk painting in 2009

Happy 2010!!! Instead of posting my usual Friday Fashion Finds (which will return back to schedule next Friday), I am starting off this year's first posting with a list of "Dos and Don'ts" of silk painting that I have learned by painful trial and error over the past year in hopes that others will read, laugh, and learn the easy way in their adventures in this wonderful artistic medium.

1. Do not paint silk before washing with Synthrapol. You might encounter all sorts of defects and stubborn areas in the silk where the paint will refuse to bleed!
2. Do not leave your silk painting drying in the direct sunlight, unless you like to have the horrible shadows of pins incorporated into your design
3. Do not draw resist lines while your silk is even the least bit damp. The lines will blur, bleed, and the dye will refuse to spread all the way to the edge.
4. Do not draw with an invisible pen, and leave the silk stretched and sitting for a week. The marks will NOT melt away after painting over them!
5. Do not think that after one mistake, your painting is ruined. There is always a way to fix it - you just have to be even more creative :)
6. Do not attempt silk painting in a robe, as your long sleeves and waist tie WILL brush against your painting and smear everything.
7. Do not have a cup of drinking water near your painting water.. umm.. you can put together the horrible possibility here.
8. Do not ask any silk painting forum to debate the question "paints vs. dyes"? You will start a HUGE uproar and will forever wish you never asked the question.
9. Do not heat set water based paints on "silk setting" with the iron. It's not nearly hot enough, and your colors will become faded in washing, not to mention any metallics will just peel right off later
10. Do not underestimate the powerful beauty and inner peace of silk painting - it's simply like no other

1. Do have an inspiration, picture, or some reference in mind before you begin
2. Do have a nice shady area to paint and let your piece dry completely flat
3. Do buy "test/practice" silk to play with different techniques and test out colors
4. Do keep in mind the end use of your piece - is it to wear or to hang? What part will be most visible? Your composition should reflect this end use.
5. Do know your color charts and which colors, when mixed together, will make a terrible brown (for ex. purple/yellow, red/green, blue/orange)
6. Do share your work with friends and family - listen to their ideas and feedback
7. Do accept the organic and beautiful nature of silk painting.. it's not easy to create perfect lines or perfectly flat color, but that is also what is so wonderful!
8. Do try to let your pieces stay dry for 24 hours before heat setting or washing - the colors tend to set better
9. Do take the extra time to make sure the silk is stretched evenly and taught - the slightest dip or looseness can ruin your design
10. Do allow yourself fall in love with each brush stroke, each color, and each moment as your silk painting comes to life. I know I did, and it's made all the difference in the world!

This might not be the most technical lesson, and I'm definitely no expert, but it's things I've come to know all the same. In 2009, despite many unfortunate events, I have learned that painting on silk has been the most rewarding and fulfilling form of art that I've ever experienced. Thanks for reading, and as usual, wishing you happy musings, and happy painting!