Thursday, October 20, 2011

4,000 Musies!!!

Hello Friends, Family, and of course, Musies all over the world.  If you have not heard already, I just wanted to share the amazing news that because of you and your wonderful support, the Muse Silk Paintings Facebook Page has just passed 4,000 fans (a.k.a. Musies)!!!!

I am so excited that I decided to create a video to document this incredible milestone, and find out who the winners are of the Musie 4,000 Giveaway.  Thank you to everyone who shared my page, for every comment, "like", message and positive thoughts that you have thrown my way.  I cannot tell you enough what it means to me to have found my ultimate passion in silk painting, and more importantly this venue to share it with you.  A million times over, thank you so much!!!