Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mad about Plaids!

Do plaids ever go out of style?  Really?  I think we all know the answer here.  Of course not :)  Here are just a few ways some Designers have interpreted plaids into their latest shows.   In a romantic dress, funky coat, or rich tweed, it all looks fantastic!

This season add a little preppy accent to your wardrobe without buying a whole new outfit - just throw on a fun, plaid scarf to update your look. 

I am delighted to announce that we have just added a brand new section of Watercolor Plaids to our Muse Etsy store! 
Cookies & Cream
Chocolate Pear

Blackberry Tart
Toasted Persimmon

They come in a smaller size than we normally offer - 11"x60", perfect for a petite lady.  These scarves are also hand painted on a different type of silk - a satin/chiffon stripe which has such a gorgeous texture and catches the light beautifully.  Come discover all the new, delicious flavors,  errr... I mean colors and enjoy the very reasonable price  - a great gift idea!

If you are Mad about Plaids too, shop our new listings today!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Poem

I’m thankful for my Musies
In every way times three
For silly little comments
Which we can laugh so merrily


I’m thankful for my Muselets
And squealing right along
Each new step and victory
They waddle on and on
Vineyard Art Sunrise
I’m thankful for each color
That streaks across the sky
For silk, for art, for crazy dreams
That make me wonder Why?

But most of all I have to say
I’m thankful that I’ve found
Inspiration every single day
Silk Painting wears the crown

Big Bear loves Fluffy Buns
 So Thank You, Creativity
And all of those who care
Wishing you and all your family
More love than you can bear

Have a safe, warm and very
Happy Thanksgiving!

~ A.R.