Monday, August 1, 2011

Tribal Soul Collection - Fall/Winter 2011

This season I was inspired by not only the fire and ice themes of the Runway, but by the dream of Africa, from the icy, snow-capped summit of Kilamanjaro to the stretching plains of the Serengeti

There is something so alluring and primal about the land: watercolor skies of amber gold and fiery orange or cobalt blue, as well as the wild beauty that is the zebra just visible in the shadows, or the rustling from a stealthy leopard on the prowl  

 The amazing Maasai tribe, with their finely and exquisitely-patterned garments and hand-woven, beaded jewelry, are renowned for their artisanship and were a particular source of inspiration. I just loved the strands of bright necklaces draped over their bodies and their bold use of color—whites, blues and reds representing peace, water and bravery.

This intense energy resonated with me while creating each piece in my latest, luxury scarf collection and challenged me to do more detailed and intricate line work.  I hope this translates into a sense of beauty and strength for the women who will wear each of these new scarves. 

Now is the time to invest in a striking, decadent statement piece for Fall from Muse Silk Paintings. 

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