Friday, January 29, 2010

Boyfriend Borrower - Friday Fashion Finds

Lately it's been so chilly here in Southern Cali that all I can think about is bundling up, extra covers, and finding my honey to snuggle up next to for some extra warmth! Speaking of which, today's post is about the"borrowed boyfriend jacket" look, which I am "borrowing" from Vogue's Most Wanted section. So while I'm not quite generous enough to let you borrow my guy, you're more than welcome to take this style idea and run!

I love this look! Cool, sophisticated neutrals with a pop of red and super sexy black pumps. Great for the office, or a super chic lunch date. Of course, the high end designer finds are so great, but here is another fantastic way to pull this off, at the same time supporting the hand made artisan and vintage community.

Hot & Cold
I'm just loving this boyfriend style, vintage RL grey blazer(1)! You could wear it over jeans, or dress it up a bit. Of course, I chose to dress it up :) Paired with this lovely, light feather grey pleated skirt(5) and gorgeous, hand painted scarf(4) really gives the look a feminine touch. The large statement ring(2) sparkling is sure to turn heads... it looks like a cosmic pool of ice crystals - how beautiful! Last but not least, throw on these oh, so sexy, snakeskin black heels(6) and luscious red leather clutch(3) to add a little pop of fire into this outfit. My goodness, you'll look so amazing in this, any boyfriend will let you borrow him..err.. I mean his jacket!


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I love what you found! Good job :)

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Nice finds!

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Nice!! LOVE the Boyfriend Jacket! :)

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Very nice! Love that skirt:)