Friday, January 22, 2010

Denim Darlings - Friday Fashion Finds

Maybe it's all the stormy weather lately, but all I can think about is how I can't wait for Spring! Today I'm sharing two spring garden inspired outfits. I'm also focusing on the whole "All about Denim" trend happening as well (which in my humble opinion, I feel D&G did the best job with on the runways this season).

A Walk in the Park
Ahhh the grass smells so clean and new once the rains have cleared! These amazing cut off boyfriend shorts(1) will look super cute with this bleached out, 90's denim top(6) (throw on a grey or white tank underneath). Smooth, chocolate riding boots and this chic, leather tote(10) give the earthy, outdoors look, white these fun vintage aviator sunglasses(3) keep it so cool. Add floral jewelry like this gorgeous, etched silver poppies cuff(5)and delicate kiwi green studs(2), and a precious copper, buttercup ring(4) to add a fresh garden feel, and top it all off with this hand painted, mint and olive green scarf for that extra splash of elegance.

If it's still too cold to venture outside, try sprucing up your Indoors with these beautiful, Forest and Birds wall stickers(7) to create a contemporary and refreshing space!

Sweet Ride
I was just so taken with this beautiful fine art print(9) ~ the red bike and flowers really set the mood for this next outfit. Let's start with this charming denim jumper(1) with red floral details. Even alone it is just so cute! Keep the chilly wind away with a cuddly grandpa sweater(5), cinnamon brown boots(7), and lovely hand painted red and purple scarf(6). The vintage Persol shades(3) have so much character, as do these delicious blueberry earrings(2) (I want them so much!). Bring out that red pop color just a bit more with an irresistable, fuzzy red poppy ring(4) ~what a conversation starter that lovely little thing would be, right? Add in the final touch of sweet charm with this hand dyed basket(8), and all you need are the goodies before riding over the mountains and through the woods. Enjoy your sweet ride!


aubepine said...

awesome picks, muse :)

AmyMayDesign said...

Super cute, love these outfits!

Ikoh Ikoh said...

Love those rings! Almost Springtime! I especially loved Chloe's take on double denim :)

cserpentDesigns said...

Love the cuff! Great picks!

Lea's Vintage said...

I love how you put these outfits together. Makes me want to wear them :) Thank you!


EAGCG said...

Great picks!

-Painted with Light Photography

Erin Bowe said...

Spring cannot come soon enough!

Thank you for including my sterling silver and copper "Buttercup" ring for your walk in the park. :)


Amber Mahler said...

Nice picks girl, if I don't say so myself