Friday, October 22, 2010

Greeting Cards - A Whole New World (and giveaway)!

Greetings friends, family, and lovely clients! I cannot even count how many times people have come to me and said, "You know, I love your art, but I'm not a scarf wearer." Believe me, I can relate. Not every day can be a scarf day!

So in an effort to widen my product line and offer a little something to let you get your hands on a Muse Silk Paintings artwork, I SO excited to let you know that I'm planning to offer cards in the very near future! There is only one that I am 100% sure will be in the Collection so far, and that is the ever whimsical Fairytale Forest silk painting "Mushroom Dream".
I am reaching out to you, my followers, friends, and Musies to take this survey to help me understand what you look for in Greeting Cards before launching this new product line. As a Thank You for taking the time out of your day to do this, I am offering ONE FREE ART CARD (and envelope) of this gorgeous "Mushroom Dream" silk painting to you!

Take the survey today by clicking HERE!


Iris McWilliams said...

LOVE it Angel!!!! You dont even need good luck because your gonna do awesome!!

Fiona Stolze said...

Hey, lots of your designs are just perfect for this. Take little clips out of your scarves and try them out. If you do Red Bubble or the like, you don't pay a penny to get started.

Wishing you heaps of luck with this. xxx

AlliesAdornments said...

Super idea Angel!
Way to make the most of your artwork. Maybe you'll expand in to mens ties too ;)

linda said...

Muse, a perfect step in a new direction! The sample you show is spectacular.

Dana and Daisy said...

we like them to be blank inside and to be on nice paper!

Love the idea!

Artisan Arts said...

LOVE IT!!!! I had great success with cards...need to get back to that! I'm sure you will also! Your work is always fun and captivating! I love cards that express emotion through their work is always full of emotion...! YaY!!! You Go Girl!

Angel Ray said...

Thank you so much everyone! And noted Dana and Daisy - I think I will keep them blank on the inside :)

Angel Ray said...

Once again, thanks everyone for all your support! The Mushroom Dream art cards are now available in my Etsy store! Here is the link:


Maggie Neale said...

Your Mushroom Dream is a beauty. Good idea, survey was a smart move. Wishing you all the best of luck, inspiration and success.
Happy Thanksgiving!