Friday, February 19, 2010

Dreamy Florals - Friday Fashion Finds

NY Fashion week is over *whew* and all the reports on the Fall 2010 collections are in! I have to say, wading through all the fun trends were difficult (graffiti, hot pink tights, all black, "non" minimalism, etc..) however I have to say my favorite look was definitely the ephemeral, floral pieces here and there. So beautiful and romantic, and can easily be worn right now for Spring.

Here are a few of my favorites from the Runway shows:

I love how Rodarte's collection feels like Ghost Girls walking through a floral shadow dream. Click here to see the entire show.

Bold, yet pretty - DVF mixes feminine and masculine with the hot bright floral prints and blacks. Click hereto see the entire show.

Possibly my favorite this season - LOVE these ephemeral, brocade like florals! Click here to see the entire show.

I was so happy to see that one of my newest Spring scarves, "Garden Floral Dream" echoes this mood perfectly. It's the perfect accent to add this ephemeral and elegant feeling for both your Spring AND Fall wardrobe. And speaking of putting together gorgeous outfits, here are today's lovely, floral unique treasures from Etsy.

Dreamy Florals
Here is a wonderful Spring outfit which can work for just about any occasion. Let's start with this nutmeg, silk tank(5) and snuggly cinnamon brown cardigan(1). Pair with this flirty gray tweedy skirt(4), your favorite tights, and these HOT to trot, snakeskin heels(7), and you already have a great outfit going. Slide on this wood, ultra sexy, rose ring(3), and toss on this beautiful scarf to tie in the gray, brown, coral, and reds. These brass, brocade cutout earrings(6) and antique tapestry floral vintage necklace(8) add an extra feminine charm to the whole look.
Ready to smell the roses?


Suzanne said...

yay! florals for fall! thanks for posting.

Jessica said...

Thanks for including my jewelry on your blog, I LOVE florals, too! The red rose has been a popular best-seller and it also comes in black!
Visit my etsy store at: and my website:

Thank you so much!

AmyMayDesign said...

Mmmmm Rodarte:) Loving the cut of those dresses!
And DVF oh how I love the flirtyness of those dresses combine with the colorful floral prints!

And of course great friday finds:)

Melissa said...

Thank you so much for featuring my silk tank today! I do take orders and can paint in many different colors as well! For more information on me go to
Thank you again Muse Silk Painting! You are awesome!

yasmin sabur said...

Great presentation, beautiful lead into your product, collage images really help to visualize how to wear your scarf and what to wear it with.

Angel Ray said...

Angel Ray said...
Jessica and Melissa - it's just a pleasure to showcase your beautiful work!

Suz/AmyMay- so exciting, right!??

Yasmin, thanks so much for your comments. I really want this blog to be a place to share inspiration, for art and fashion lovers alike :)

Cate said...

Loving the colors of the Friday Fashion Finds. There seems to be a theme.