Saturday, May 21, 2011

Vacation in Muse Land

Dear Friends,
As you know I've been working my tail off this year preparing my new studio, moving, and really pushing myself to reach new levels in my artistic expression this year.  And while loving every second, I've been running along at break neck speed, I have come to realize that it just isn't leaving time for the other things in my life that really need my attention.

The Secret Grotto by Foxfires

Starting June 1st, I will be de-activating Etsy shop essentially putting it on vacation, and plan to re-open in August.  My goal is to use this 2 month break to not only create a fresh new collection and finish up custom orders, but also to focus on finding more balance to my very full plate.  My Red Bubble site will still be open.  I will still be active on facebook, however just taking time away from Etsy, and spending more of it on health, home and family.  Thank you for your understanding, and if you had your eye on a certain piece in my store, I suggest you snap it up soon!

Thank you for your support,


Megs. said...

Everyone needs a vacation! Hope you get what you need. :)

Lisa N Valero said...

Congratulations and well deserved!
Have a wonderful, renewing vacation ♥♥♥

Angel Ray said...

Thanks a lot, Megs and Lisa! It will just be my Etsy store that will be de-activated for a bit.. I'll still be working on my custom orders and new line, but without the orders/promoting in between. Really appreciate your words of support :).

LovelyFleur said...

Promoting is a lot of work all in itself. Enjoy your well deserved break!

glenda regan said...
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