Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Skinny on the Sale...

If you haven't heard already, Muse Silk Paintings is have it's first sale this weekend! Here is the skinny:

starts: Friday, September 27th
ends: Monday September 30th at midnight
Amazing deal includes:
1. Free world-wide shipping
2. Free gift wrappping
3. 10% reduced store-wide prices

4. Addition 10% discount given exclusively to Facebook Fans (sign up today and check your UPDATES to learn the secret code to enter at checkout)

Click HERE to take you to Muse Silk Paintings online store, and Happy Shopping!


Lindsey said...

I just took advantage of your sale! Can't wait to see the scarf in person.

Sharon :: SkiesArt said...

Dear MuseAngel
I want this one too...Lollypop Clouds",
I just wanted to say I received my lovely scarf "Santa Cruz Sunday"
and I LOVE IT.... it's gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a beautiful job !!!!
you truly are a Silk Artist. It really inspired me and I joined your ning group.
I want to learn to silk paint too....
However.. it's so much more fun buying scrafs from you.... it smells delicious!
and it's just so beautiful... the presentation you deliver it with is AWESOME!!!!
I would love to come up to your workshop and watch you paint some day.
I live down by Disneyland :)

Anyway... thanks for such a marvelous treat. I was going to give it as a present.
But decided I love the colors and design so much... I will keep this one.... Now
I am looking on Etsy for another one... for the

Hey do you still have the picture of "Santa Cruz Sunday" ?
I want to post in on the ning site... to show what I got at your Etsy store.
I don't have a way of taking a picture of it, that does it justice.

Just like wearing expensive art around your neck....waist... or on your head.

thanks again.... such a delight
Wish I could buy all of them :)

Blessings Sharon :: SkiesArt

Angel Ray said...

Lindsey - yeyy!!! It will ship first thing tomorrow morning - I think you will be so happy with it :)

Sharon, oh wow - I cannot stop smiling - so glad you are delighted with your scarf!! As far as the pictures go, you can still see the listing on my Etsy shop under "sold items" - but here is a direct link for you

As far as the studio goes, I think eventually I will put together a little work shop as I've had a flattering multitude of requests. Actually, I do not feel like an expert silk painter at all, but of course would be happy to share any knowledge I have gained so far in this wonderful adventure :) Feel free to email me, or post a comment/question on my facebook fan page anytime!
Thank you SO much for your kind comments!
Best Always,