Friday, December 4, 2009

Cruisin' with Corals - Friday Fashion Finds

With the craziness of life speeding all around, sometimes it's nice to take a little break, and get away. Today's post is inspired by tropical waters, beautiful coral sea gardens, and places that only serve drinks with little umbrellas in them.

First, I'd like to share with you this amazing painting from new york artist VH McKenzie. Just look at her depiction of a bar, yes a bar on stilts! The beautiful watercolor blues and striking ochres create such an amazing feast for the eyes, and not to mention the lofty little daydream it ignites of a place, somewhere, in the middle of the ocean, where your cares melt away, and all you can hear is the lapping of waves and the clinking of your glass, toasting to love and life!

and now.. what to wear on your tropical getaway? I happen to have a few ideas for you. It all starts with this flirty little romper, which alone is so cute! But with our seascapes and corals in mind, here are a handful of delicious accessories to pair with it. (click on image to view larger)

I really love the gladiator sandals look - both comfortable AND sexy. I'm obsessed with this magnificent coral cluster ring! It adds a bright pop of color and can be worn in the day time, or at night with a gown. Not to mention these lovely little coral tropical studs - MUST have them! The ivory vintage sunglasses are simply put, awesome, while keeping you cool in the tropical sun. The gold bangles are organic in feeling - love the wavering texture and simple, chic style, so luxurious, yet also something you could wear every day. My hand painted, coral garden silk scarf is a travel must! The large square can be knotted up as a necklace, worn as a mini sarong near the pool, or simply wrapped up around your yummy, white cotton bag for a splash of color while you go strolling along the local shops. Koi fish necklace is so precious and the aqua blues with gold are a perfect match. Another necklace option (possibly for an evening dinner outfit) is this gorgeous tourmaline, double stranded rosary bead necklace - so sweet and delicate! I also added in a nifty indigo quilted tote, both super stylish, and perfect for traveling - just throw it all in there and go! Last but not least, this charming little mermaid passport holder was just too great to pass up.

Mix and match these precious finds to create your fresh, cruise bound adventurer look. And remember, with Coral inspired accents like these, it will be smooth sailing, or excuse me, cruising all the way!


Valesca said...

very lovely blog..thank you for the mention! please check out my etsy shop for more one-of-a-kind pieces and awesome vintage.

Bella said...

Thanks for featuring my rainbow tourmaline necklace!! I feel so honored!!