Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hip Handmaids Show

Last weekend was the Hip Handmaids show in Burbank at the Little White Church, and was my third show ever. The night before the show I was up all night, tagging, washing, ironing, taking inventory, etc.. by the time the show started, was beyond deliriously tired, but so excited!

I was happy to see there was a bulletin board on the wall I was against, and pins too - yey! So I took advantage and hung up my best pieces as wall hangings which I think looked great. I also had a nice little corner so we spread the various racks out all in a row and fiddled with it until it was "just right". There is still a long way to go, in figuring out the best display for my silk paintings. Most of all, I need a way to create a stand to hang them.

There were many hip mommas and babies there - they were so adorable, wanted to take them all home with me! :) And my momma was there too keeping her BIG baby (that would me moi) company for most of the day. I was happy to sell a few of my scarves and wrap them up for lovely holiday gifts, and just loved talking to people about the silk painting process. It was also pleasure to meet and show with a few members of the lovely CCCOE team Amanda from AmyMayDesigns, Teresa from Penrose Designs, and Lori from Lataylordesigns.

All in all, it was a great learning experience. I know there was a lot of effort put in by the organizers and the vendors so to all of you, all who came, and to you who are reading this, thank you for your energy, time, and wishing you a very happy holiday season!

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Iris McWIlliams said...

I love your set-up! It looks great! It's so full of color, I just want to browse through and pick something pretty! :)