Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mini Scarflette Obsession..

These past few weekends, I have been trying desperately to work on a custom project for a very special client of mine, and finally I was able to spend a little time on it! The request (a.k.a. mission)? Create 4 mini scarflettes (11" squares) which will then be framed as a painting. The theme - trees, beautiful trees. I have to say, of all the subjects to paint, Trees has to be my absolute favorite.
I just LOVE working on these mini silk habotai pieces because it gives me the perfect avenue to experiment with different techniques. I find the sunset with the black branches to feel quite moody, and a hint of asian flare. The salt technique on the leafy branches reminds me of bubbles, like they are part of an underwater garden.. and the cloud technique - I learned from Olivia Batchelder - I almost forgot how when the paint puddles, dries, and overlaps, what a magical sensation it creates!

The silk was most cooperative on these minis, which is why I went a bit crazy with the wood grain pieces.. oh I could just paint a hundred different woodgrains... the linework takes me to my happy place... and the summer sun (reaching well over 95F lately), well, what can I say? Thank you, sunshine, for my tan, for lighting up my colors, and for drying my paint so fast!

As far as the project goes, three of these were chosen (the top left, top middle, and bottom left), so I am off to create options for the 4th and final piece to complete her collection. However throughout the process my goal is separate some of these out and create sets around them. I think the chocolate and green silhouette deserves three coordinates as it is so contemporary feeling.. At this rate of my harried mini obsession, I might go through my whole stack of minis by the end of the week!

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