Thursday, October 1, 2009

In memory of my mother's mother

"Bella Bella Rose" scarf is a gift for my mother, in loving memory of hers, in hopes that it will cheer her up on difficult days, like today.

A Rose is a Rose is a Rose
I suppose

But so much can be wrapped up in sweet petal shades
How soft, like her hands used to feel
The aroma from my childhood days
Mixed in with tortillas and lemon

Her journey was impeded with thorns
Yet warm smiles were all that we saw
Her children, the sun, always adored
Opened her heart to every day

She sang to us, comforted us, told funny jokes
The sound of her voice still rings clear
As the rustling of leaves
in the still of night

Rose flower says Love
Her breath said Home

So a Rose is just a Rose...
except I think they were her favorite


To view more pictures of this special scarf, click HERE.


Anonymous said...

Exquisite! What a wonderful gift to make for your mom.

aubepine said...

Simply beautiful! What a lovely gift.