Thursday, February 3, 2011

Transitions Collection

In celebration of this special day, first day of the Chinese New Year (Year of the Rabbit), I am delighted to announce my first new Collection of 2011!  The year of the Rabbit promises that good taste and refinement will shine on everything.  It is also the year of recovery, and time to focus on relationships, home and family.  Translation:  Let's dress up and enjoy each others company!

This past year, I have faced many challenges, however I've just reached a major milestone and  I'm looking forward to moving towards balance, peace, and artistic growth.  This year will be about transitioning from dark to light, frustration to exhilaration, chaos to balance, and stagnation to fluidity.  My new Transitions Collection is inspired by this internal growth and optimism from unexpected changes in my life. 

Each hand painted scarf has gradating color variations wavering fluidly down the silk and topped off with glimmering metallic accents.  They whisper a similarity to a sliced gemstone or agate where you can see the layers have built up over time.  This collection is symbolic as each color transitions into dark, light, and unexpected hues...representing the process of change while the shimmering slivers add that extra sparkle of celebration and illustrate the beautiful notion of new horizons.

I am so inspired by this concept, that I asked my good friend Nancy to create a poem for the occasion!

"Gemstones build layers over time, before we see the glow,
 Bits of golden, dappled as sunlight, so lovely to behold.
 With gently layered hues painting stories of our lives
 Soft and bright rising out of dark and stormy skies
 Light for joy, dark for toil, moments from which to grow
 Transitioning so gracefully, planting hopes and dreams to sow"
- Nancy Beegle

A Transitions Collection scarf is the perfect accessory for traveling, easily transitioning from Day to Night,  and has such a range of colors that can be worn for Spring or Fall... or really any time of year.  Own a piece of this amazing moment and treat yourself to a one-of-a-kind scarf from Muse Silk Paintings.  SHOP the Transitions Collection TODAY!


B said...

Angel - you've done it again! Beautiful, glowing, happiness on silk! Congratulations on your new you.

wcharles said...


Angel Ray said...

Thank you so much for your support, my friends! I truly enjoyed painting each and every one of these pieces and hope it shows :)