Sunday, April 19, 2009

a Rose is a Rose - in this case a Ribbon

What is it about a rose that is so fascinating?  Is it the unmistakable fragrance, velvety petals, or the contrast symbolism of a beautiful bloom sitting atop a sharp thorny stem... representing love and sorrow, victory and hardship, beauty and beast?  Things to consider, I suppose..

But for now, I would like to share my thoughts on the first scarf I have painted with black resist lines (instead of the clear resist which turn to white after washing).  This scarf is silk charmeuse, the shiny silk, for those who are not familiar.  I enjoy painting on this surface quality because the paints run so fast and blend gorgeously.  When I first stretched out the long piece, I thought how rich and luxurious this fabric feels and for some reason I immediately thought of roses.. the petals in particular were on my mind... The way they curve all over.  I looked up and saw a few leaves fly by that had been blown off a tree nearby - so playful as they trickled across the ground...and so I began.

The line work was possibly my favorite part of creating this scarf.  I became mesmerized allowing the black lines to inform each other of it's next path.  As the motifs eventually took on a mind of their own,  spiraling outwards, I began to think how they rather resembled ribbons flowing in the wind.  Thus it was named "Ribbon Rose".

I wanted to use a palette of violets and pale yellows for this piece, but I have to say, after seeing how graphic and chic it looked without the petals filled in,  I spent an entire week contemplating whether to just leave it white or not.  The black/violet/white combination was so striking - this something I will definitely have to use in another piece soon.  

Eventually, I couldn't resist, and went ahead and painted in the petals.  They transition from deep violet to washed lilac to shades of ice yellows and I think it turned out nicely!  It still needs to be steamed and washed, but once it is, it will have a glimmering sheen to it and will look riveting on the right girl.

I could see an artsy girl with patent yellow heals in a black dress
rocking out Ribbon Rose as a head band or a waist sash. Or an elegant, sophisticated lady folding it up in a twisted bow like way with a grey, navy or white outfit and black accessories.. or lovingly wrapped around a tote (any color except brown) slung over the chair of a a woman on-the-go having lunch with her girlfriends in jeans, but still keeping it chic with a touch of gold jewelry and a luxe scarf which her friends keep staring at... hmm conversation piece, anyone?

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