Monday, May 11, 2009

First show was an award-winning success!

This beautiful, sunny weekend served as the perfect setting for MUSE silk paintings debut! After several sleepless hours, borrowed props and items, and much support from my family and friends, we pulled it off!  

The white tent acted as a blank canvas backdrop to the vibrantly bright colored silk paintings we hung gently all around the sides.  The breeze blew them back and forth while the sun lit up different sections so they looked like they were dancing...  So happy and uplifting to be surrounded by these all day!  

I am also proud to announce that my booth won "honorable mention" as it was a juried art show.  It was very flattering and refreshing to hear the positive feedback of all the people who came out to enjoy the show.  In fact, I believe I'm still glowing a little.. Thank you to all my family, and friends (both old and new) who came to visit me - it was such a pleasure to see you all and so grateful for your support in this new venture of mine!

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