Thursday, May 6, 2010

Spring Color Report - Friday Fashion Finds

Ahhh Spring is finally here.. the birds are tweeting, the sun is shining, and oh yeah, wait a minute, what colors are we supposed to be wearing? According to the Pantone Color Report, there are some really great pastels and brights for Spring that we should definitely explore!

This is part 1 of a series of color reports. Today I have put together 2 outfits appropriate for our warmer days ahead - "Coral Blossoms" and "Sage Adventure".

Coral Blossoms
Warm and uplifting, coral(1) is such a beautiful hue! But how do you wear it without looking like one of the Golden Girls?

Tip #1 - don't wear it in a matching pant suit
Tip #2 - use it sparingly with fresh whites, tans, and gold

You can still be comfortable in the sun in this chic, fresh outfit. Throw on a cotton blouse, your favorite cut offs, and yummy gold lame pumps(5) for a bit of glam. Then grab this heavenly, white linen tote(4) that looks like it can hold about anything, and you are already stylin'. Next, add in a splash of color with this romantic, hand painted scarf, and another pop of WOW with these stunning turquoise/gold cascade earrings(2). Top it all off (especially if you are having a bad hair day) with this amazing Fedora vintage straw hat(3) and voila - you're ready to take on Spring!

Sage Adventure
Cool and sophisticated, sage greens(1) can be so gorgeous if styled the right way. How to wear it without looking frumpy?

Tip #1 - don't wear it as a Snuggie
Tip #2 - style sage green with cinnamon browns, cool blues, lilacs, khaki and gold

Whether you are off on a Southwestern vacation, or just exploring your way through the city's urban jungle, you can still look fantastic and chic with this combination.

Gear up for your journey with this cute little romper(5)and super sweet boots(6). Add a little southwestern flair with this gorgeous wool handbag(3) and bring out the gold with this organic feeling, gold crocheted ring(4) ~ like twisted branches wrapped around your finger! And last but not least, tie it all together with this lovely, hand painted scarf(2) with the cool blues and sages floating together like feathers in the wind. Your adventure awaits - ready, Sage, Go!


AmyMay (amanda) said...

These might be one of my fav friday finds! Love the hat with your scarf and that tribal bag would be amazing with your sage scarf!!

Love it:)

aubepine said...

Gorgeous picks! I love the sage/blue scarf with the boots. And "don't wear it as a Snuggie"- LOL! :)

Ginny said...

Great blog! Love your taste. You have style! Thanks for including my Pendleton wool sage bag!

linda said...

hi Angel, great blog as always and your your pics.

Fr3n'z Productions said...

nice blog

hillel said...

thank you so much you have a great and colurful taste