Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Birthday gift - from me to me ;p

Dear Friends & Musies,
As you may or may not know, I've been contemplating taking a little break from blogging. The rapid growth of Muse Silk Paintings + the demands of the Muselet staff have really been keeping me super busy! While I love posting Fashion Finds, features, painting processes, etc., lately I've been getting less and less sleep.. and you know a Muse needs precious dream time!

So as a birthday present to myself (which is today, by the way), I will be taking a break for about 1 month from blogging. It will be great to re-evaluate the direction this blog is going, how often to post, etc.. Thank you for your support, encouragement and comments throughout the past year, and look forward to picking up again soon!

Would you like to share your ideas on how to make this blog more spectacular? Then please take this quick SURVEY.


Iris McWilliams said...

Good for you girl! This time will be really good for you! Trust me!! :)

AmyMay (amanda) said...

Good for you!! Hoping you come back refreshed and ready to take on the blogosphere:)
And maybe with some more employees:)

AlliesAdornments said...

Happy Birthday!
Have a wonderful year!

ArdentReverie said...

Happy birthday!! Re-evaluating sounds like a good idea right about now, but maybe my problem is I'm constantly thinking about re-evaluation. I hope everything works out!!