Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Five Favorites - Contemporary Craft Show

Ohhh I had just so many errands to run and events to attend last weekend, but I just couldn't stay away...ended up driving on out to the Contemporary Crafts Show in Santa Monica to see all the silk painters and incredible artisans - it’s such a high end and wonderful show. It was just perfect weather, and wished I could have stayed longer ~ I even brought grandma!

I thought I’d share with you my five favorite booths at the show (although there were SO very many amazing shops!).

1. Olivia Batchelder - Art Couture

This amazing and gentle lady's work is so whimsical and free flowing. She was kind enough to give me some personal lessons when I was just barely starting off and her creative spirit really shines through her work (and her smile). She had her signature ribbon scarves ~ almost musical feeling, twirly, swirly scarves and also really special patched together pieces as well.

Her booth looked phenomenal and I was so happy to see her, even if just for a moment. She offers original paintings, hand painted scarves and garments. To learn more about Olivia Batchelder's work click HERE.

2. Erica Batchelder - Hand Dyed Silk Creations

Like mother like daughter? Yes and No! While both are extremely talented, Erica’s collection is more geared towards specialized dyeing and shibori techniques, and other precious fashion accessories such as these wonderful silk pins displayed here at her booth. I have one of her turquoise knit scarves and I just love it. Gorgeous! To learn more about her work click HERE.

3. Leighelena - Enamel Jewelry by Leigh Navarro

One word here - OBSESSED. I love love LOVE her amazing enameled, super large and in charge circle rings!! She came all the way from Texas to be here, and I am SO glad she did! The beautiful glazed designs sit pretty ontop of the smoothest wooden base and make such an amazing statement! I bought a handful, and have been getting compliments every day on my amazing rings. AND she had them in different sizes which I can NEVER find my right size! Hers fit me perfectly! To learn more about Leighelena click HERE.

4. Leyla Navab - Art Silk

Needless to say, I stopped at every silk painter's booth, but this one REALLY stopped me in my tracks. Leyla's attention to detail (extremely impressive on chiffon) and sense of sophistication combined to create just a lovely space of decadent luxury. She was so very nice, and even invited me to come paint in her studio some day! And she is local! I really look forward to painting with this amazing lady, and seeing a true master at work. To learn more about Leyla Navab's silk paintings, click HERE.

5. Just for Fun by Dotty Calabrese

Wow wow wow! At first I thought these were ikat designs, but this friendly, purple haired, creative artisan from Palo Alto described to me her special process of hand woven, hand painted silk threads and it was simply fascinating. The scarves were bold, bright, yet sophisticated and oh so soft. I want the far one on the right! She had all sorts of lovely treasures as well in her booth, but these gorgeous scarves really took my breath away. To learn more about Just for Fun, click HERE.

Thank you, to all the artisans for sharing their photo and your amazing artwork at the show. I had a great time and am inspired by each of you!


QuirkynBerkeley said...

Beautiful silk art! Looks like the perfect venue for you, Muse.

AlliesAdornments said...

Gorgeous work!
Hope to see you vending there soon!

aubepine said...

What talented artists! Thanks for sharing. :)

Joanna Read Cotter said...

So much talent! I loved reading this... the possibilities for expression with silk painting are just endless - I love how how everyone's work is so uniquely expressive! Way to spread the love, Muse! I wish I could hop on a plane and fly to CA!! :) Happy, happy painting to you and to all - keep up the fabulous work ladies!

whimsicals said...

all so special, Muse and what a fabulous show this must be.
thanks for sharing.

Royalpaca said...

Very pretty, and a joy to read and look at :) I had to think of you yesterday at my mothers, for I found some 1974 collection books of Hundertwasser! She just left for Vienna too !

eRiN said...

Oh wow .. everything is so beautiful. Now I see where you got your talent from originally! If I won the lottery I would go on a mad shopping spree with all those sellers, you, and Becke at OceanAveSilks ^.^

~*Erin MacMahon*~