Friday, September 17, 2010

Behind the Name

Have you ever wondered why I have named my silk painting business “MUSE”? I suppose most would think – ah well, she has so many ideas that she must think SHE is the MUSE. (How egotistical) But, my friend, that was not really the intention behind the name. Today I just wanted to take some time to share why I decided to name my business “Muse Silk Paintings”. Well, the “Silk Paintings” part should be pretty obvious, but about the “Muse”, let’s start with the definition.

Definition of a Muse:
The source of an artist’s inspiration.

A muse can be a person, place or thing. It can be a song, or a memory, the setting sun, a twinkling star that inspired you to wear your diamond earrings tonight, or to add some glimmering silver to that project you are working on.

Also accordingly to Greek mythology, the Muses were ethereal goddesses who would literally inspire artists, poets, writers, etc.. to create their masterpieces, sometimes by whispering to them in their dreams.

With these lovely notions in mind, it is my hope that my hand painted scarves in their uplifting colors, with fantastic, daydream imagery will inspire you to throw together an outfit that is really special and completely YOU.
As each piece is a unique, one of a kind artwork you can wear, it is meant to spark your imagination! Where will you wear it? What colors will you style it with? How will you fold it and swirl it around – as a neck scarf, a head-band, a belt? When you order a hand painted silk scarf from Muse Silk Paintings, I hope you will search and find your inner “fashion” Muse and have fun creating your own, special look. Because after all, you are a beautiful masterpiece yourself, so why not take a moment to dress it up and really shine!?

Thanks for reading about my intentions behind the name… and whether it comes to you in a dream, or in a pretty little package, I hope you find your inner Muse every day!


Anonymous said...


Hugs and Love


Brooke said...

I like the idea behind the name, dressing does need some inspiration. I also like that scarves are so versatile.

Suzanne said...

I love the post. You're good at writing blogs!