Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thank you for being a Musie

I have so many reasons to be thankful this year... my health is improving, ideas flowing, business growing... But most of all, I am so grateful to my friends, family, clients, and FB fans (Musies) for your continued support.  Without your encouraging comments, creative feedback and boisterous voters, where would I be?  So this song is for you (to be sung to "Thank you for being a Friend" by Andrew Gold.

Thank You For Being A Musie
Thank you for being a Musie
Every comment you make, I love more than a tootsie
Your heart is sweet and you’re marvelous

I'm not ashamed to say
I hope it always will stay this way
Throw on your scarf, and won't you take a bow

And if you shopped on Etsy
Bought a list of gifts so pretty
You would see, a most tender wrapped gift from me
and the card attached would say,
Thank you from Angel Ray

Thank you for being Musie



Fashion Updates said...

Thanks to you too

Emma said...

thank you so much!

Leyla Navab Artsilk Co. said...

We need more blogs from you. :)

Angel Ray said...

Oh, I know Leyla - I'm working on it :)