Friday, April 2, 2010

Sing-A-Long! ~ Good Friday Finds

So I'm not sure what has gotten into me lately.. maybe it's the thoughts of Spring, or the Easter holiday upon us. Today I have this song stuck in my head, and it has me thinking of running along green hills and so, why fight it? Today's Friday Finds are inspired by the song from the classic movie "A Sound of Music".

Come on and sing along!

Do "a deer, a female deer"

1. deer printed vintage day dress by Thrush

2. Doe a Deer Ring II by Audreylaine

3. Zooey vintage sewing chair by Hazelandhunter

4. Dear-oh-deer Fawn Stud Earrings by IshyJewellery

Re "a drop of golden sun"

5. Sunset Necklace by Jzdesigns

6. Golden Sun Woodgrain by MuseSilkPaintings

7. Ray of Sunshine. Golden headband. by romanticvintage

8. Bright as the Sun - Bridal Hair pins by sibodesigns

Mi "a name I call myself"

9. Antique Wrought Iron Hall Tree by MountainsideTreasure

10. My Favorite Hangout fine art print by dianalemieux

11. Keep Your Secrets... Leather Journal Necklace by NewPreHistory

12. PIG OUT PROFITS by ropatt

Fa "a long long way to run"

13. Curiosities necklace IV - run rabbits run by marysgranddaughter

14. Far Away Places tee by EveryLittleCounts

15. Running with lines pure linen slip dress by annyschoo

16. Run Quickly - Original Drawing by swanbones

So "a needle pulling thread"

17. Sew - A Needle Pulling Thread chair by MesBellesChoses1

18. Monopoly thimble game piece ring by oakboston

19. Girlie Apron - Suzie by sweetthings3

20. Stitcher's Earrings - golden needle ear threads by markaplan

La "a note to follow so"

21. Euro French Paris Singing Bird stencil by maisondestencils

22. Sterling Silver Music Note Guitar Pick by AndrosCreations

23. G-Clef with Fish Hook Accent by Manaiaolangi

24. Music Note Ring by SarahSmithDesigns

Ti "a drink with jam and bread."

25. Alice's Little Teapot Antiqued Brass Necklace by factorygirlashli

26. Pagoda Tea Palace Cosy by tara74

27. Agari (Green Tea) Bracelet by carolyntillie

28. Celadon Industrial Teapot by timseeclay

And that brings us back to Do! (scroll back to the top and enjoy all over again). Hope you enjoyed today's Good Friday finds, and wishing you a wonderful holiday filled with love, family, and of course Music!


Every Little Counts said...

What a lovely compilation- and all to the "Sound of Music". I love it! Thank you for featuring us :)


markaplan said...

thanks so much for including my recycled ''golden needle ear thread'' earrings in this interesting collection..

i appreciate it much...

---mark kaplan

factorygirlashli said...

I just absolutely love this! One of the most creative blog features I've ever seen.... Thank you for including my teapot necklace!

Cynthia said...

I was slinging along and enjoying the visuals!

handmade annyschoo said...

This combination indeed puts me in a happy humming mood. Cheers!
thank you for including my linen dress" running with lines"

lu said...

Such a great idea! Lovely finds. :)

AndrosCreations said...

What a lovely selection! Thanks so much for including my guitar pick! :)

AmyMayDesign said...

How much fun is this post!
I love it!! These are some really great finds and I love the colors and the song:)

Suzanne said...

Beautifully done! I can see hours of work here!

Bella said...

So creative and cool!! Great finds!

aubepine said...

What a fun and creative theme! Love!

linda said...

this is so wonderful and creative. thanks for posting it.

linda @ whimsicals said...

How fun! I really enjoyed this and the selection are just perfect!

MesBellesChoses1 said...

This is the best blog ever. I love the sound of music and that's exactly why I named my sewing chair, "Sew - A Needle Pulling Thread." Thank you for including my work.

Attack of the Vintage said...

This was such a fun and cute blog, now I will have that song stuck in my head all day. Which is fine with me, such a happy tune. Thanks for sharing all the goodies to sing along with.

lizet frijters said...

This blog post is an artistic creation on its own. I love it, it is very playful and I am sure it will put people into a happy mood.

Tamara Embrey said...

Really inspired. I really love the concept and the selections. Thank you so much for helping to express the joy that is SPRING!

ohbabydotcom said...

Very clever, clever.
Loved it!

Oh Baby dotcom

Christine Robbins said...

Thank you so much for posting my apron! I love your blog and will be back to see more great Friday Finds!

Sweet Things Design